How do you spell Mboscodictiasaur?

How do you spell Mboscodictiasaur?

Any lover of hit TV series Friends will remember the hilarious episode in which Ross is asked to spell ‘Mboscodictiasaur’, before being told it begins with a silent ‘m’. This tee from our Grindstore Originals collection features an image of the invented dinosaur, alongside it’s very unusual spelling!

Which friends episode is Ichiban?

The One With Ross’ Grant
“The One With Ross’ Grant” is the sixth episode of the tenth season of Friends, which aired on November 6, 2003.

Who did Charlie leave Ross for?

Joey gets mad at Chandler for lying about watching his audition tape. Ross can get a big grant, but Charlie’s ex-boyfriend is in charge of it. He bribes Ross for the grant if he gets Charlie back. Charlie breaks up with Ross to get back together with her ex-boyfriend.

In which episode does Chandler wear lipstick?

“Friends” The One with Ross’ Grant (TV Episode 2003) – IMDb.

Is Ichiban a real lipstick?

You can even get the beauty product Joey once modeled in a commercial — Ichiban lipstick for men, which is actually just a clear shimmer balm.

What was Janice’s catchphrase?

Oh my God
Janice is best remembered for her catchphrase, “Oh my God.” This line traces its history all the way back to the pilot episode of Friends.

Who does Charlie end up with in friends?

Charlie Wheeler is a paleontology professor who first appears in “The One With The Soap Opera Party”, portrayed by Aisha Tyler. She first strikes up a relationship with Joey but ends up with Ross because they have more in common.

Who is Benjamin Hobart in friends?

Greg Kinnear
Portrayed by Benjamin Hobart is a 2 times Nobel Prize winning paleontologist. He appeared in season 10, portrayed by Greg Kinnear.

Is it a little annoying or is it like when Phoebe chews her hair?

“Is it, like, a little annoying? Or is it like when Phoebe chews her hair?” Rachel, rest assured: You’re certainly not the the first woman to be won over by Chanel.

What lipstick does Joey advertise?

The classic scene from hit sitcom Friends where actor Joey shows the gang his Japanese advert for Ichiban lipstick for men.

What is the meaning of Ichiban?

number one
: number one : first : best.

What is Janice most likely saying?

If not only for the fact she weaves in and out of every series in the show (except season 6, we’re not sure why she wasn’t in that one), then it’s for her wonderfully grating voice, that laugh, and the catchphrase that gives us chills on Chandler Bing’s behalf: “Oh. My. God!”