How does Breakheart Pass end?

How does Breakheart Pass end?

At the end of the battle, Deakin intercepts Marshal Pearce and shoots him when the corrupt lawman decides to go down fighting.

Is there a real Breakheart Pass?

A “Breakheart Pass” was filmed on the Camas Prairie Railroad, a short line in Northern Idaho. According to the Internet movie site, the Idaho filming locations were a substitute for Nevada in the original Alistair MacLean novel. Baldwin Locomotive Works built the 2-8-0 Consolidated in 1907.

Is Charles Bronson still alive?

Deceased (1921–2003)
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What is the plot of Breakheart Pass?

When diphtheria breaks out at Fort Humboldt, a train is dispatched with medical supplies and relief troops. Also on board are Utah’s governor (Richard Crenna), his mistress (Jill Ireland), a marshal (Ben Johnson) and his prisoner, outlaw John Deakin (Charles Bronson). As the train passes through the mountains, soldiers go missing, telegraph lines are cut and it’s discovered that there is no epidemic. There’s a conspiracy afoot, and it’s up to Deakin, actually a federal agent, to expose it.
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When was Breakheart Pass made?

May 5, 1976 (USA)
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Who wrote Breakheart Pass?

Alistair MacLean
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Breakheart Pass is a novel by Scottish author Alistair MacLean (1922–1987), first published in 1974.

When did Breakheart Pass come out?

Who is the longest serving prisoner in the UK?

Since the death of Ian Brady, Maudsley has been the longest-serving British prisoner and the earliest person still living to be subject to a whole life order….

Robert Maudsley
Born Robert John Maudsley 26 June 1953 Speke, Liverpool, England
Other names Hannibal The Cannibal The Brain Eater

How old is Charles Bronson and is he still alive?

Charles Bronson
Died August 30, 2003 (aged 81) Los Angeles, California, USA
Cause of death Respiratory and congestive heart failure complicated by COPD and lung cancer
Occupation Actor
Years active 1950–1999

Who is the current longest serving prisoner?

Paul Geidel

Paul Geidel Jr.
Born April 21, 1894 Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Died May 1, 1987 (aged 93) Beacon, New York, United States
Known for The second longest-serving prison sentence in United States history, that ended upon his release (parole). (time served – 68 years 296 days)

Who is Britain’s worst prisoner?

Charles Bronson
Charles Arthur Salvador (formerly Charles Ali Ahmed; born Michael Gordon Peterson on 6 December 1952), better known as Charles Bronson, is a British criminal who has been referred to in the British press as the “most violent prisoner in Britain” and “Britain’s most notorious prisoner”.

Who are the actors in the movie Breakheart Pass?

Breakheart Pass (film) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Breakheart Pass is a 1975 American western adventure film that stars Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna, and Jill Ireland.

Are there any good reviews for Breakheart Pass?

There are no featured reviews for Breakheart Pass because the movie has not released yet (). There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Tomatometer not yet available.

Where was the crash at Breakheart Pass filmed?

Six cameras filmed the cars falling 200 ft (61 m) into the canyon, however, the dummies (representing the soldiers) failed to fall out during the crash. The crash was filmed at Halfmoon Trestle (46.325°N 116.5743°W), east of U.S. Route 95 in Lapwai Canyon.

How did Calhoun die in Breakheart Pass movie?

A gunfight breaks out when the freed soldiers clash with the Indians and bandits at the train; Calhoun is killed by Gov. Fairchild when he threatens Marica, but the governor is then in turn cut down by Major Claremont. At the end of the battle, Deakin intercepts Marshal Pearce and shoots him when the corrupt lawman decides to go down fighting.