How fast does Myrica californica grow?

How fast does Myrica californica grow?

2-4 ft. a year
Although myrica tolerates only occasional irrigation, its appearance is enhanced with regular waterings when it can grow as much as 2-4 ft. a year. At this rate, its dense branching from the ground up is a good choice for quickly screening a wall or unsightly view or for protecting privacy.

How fast do Pacific wax myrtles grow?

between 2 and 4 feet
Pacific wax myrtle is a very versatile tree. One of its biggest selling points is its fast growth rate: it is capable of growing between 2 and 4 feet in a single growing season, making it a good choice for filling in spaces quickly.

Do wax myrtles have invasive roots?

The USDA factsheet on wax myrtle says that this plant is easy to transplant bare root which suggests that it is not have much of a taproot (if any). Also wax myrtle spreads by sending up suckers from the roots and has been frequently used as a bonsai plant (more evidence that it has a fibrous root system).

How do you propagate California wax myrtle?

Propagation: Seeds collected in fall should be abraded or soaked in warm water to remove the waxy coating; they then require 3 months stratification at 40ºF (4ºC). Heel cuttings of half-ripe wood in July or August reportedly have fair to good success. Layering in the spring is the quickest method.

Is Myrica californica fast growing?

Myrica californica This fast growing, versatile native shrub adds vertical interest and shade to the landscape with little care.

When should I prune Myrica californica?

It responds well to pruning and will tolerate shearing. Heavy pruning is best done in the late winter with shaping in early to mid summer. It can be limbed up as a small tree over time.

Is Pacific wax myrtle fast growing?

A fast growing, coastal California native evergreen shrub that grows to form an upright, multi-trunking hedge.

Do wax myrtles spread?

Hedge Spacing for Wax Myrtle To produce an unbroken hedge, your wax myrtles must be no farther apart than their eventual spread, usually about 20 or 25 feet. If each plant reaches 20 feet, and therefore spreads to 10 feet on each side, then two hedges will eventually meet in the middle of a 20-foot spacing.

Can you grow Wax Myrtle from cuttings?

Wax myrtle will root from softwood or semi-hardwood cuttings taken in summer. Root cuttings, 2-3 in. long., can be make in early winter.

How do you grow a Wax Myrtle from seed?

Growing Info, follow in order: Scarification: remove all wax from seed, wash in warm detergent water to completely get the wax off, rinse 3 times. Stratification: cold stratify for 90 days. Germination: sow seed 1/4″ deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed.

How big does a Myrica californica plant get?

Leaves simple, alternate, clean looking, 5-11 cm long, narrow, lanceolate, dark green, light green below, dotted with black or yellow glands, regularly toothed.

When does Myrica californica bloom in Oregon?

Flowers bloom in spring, small, and in male (staminate) and female (pistillate) catkin-like clusters, may also be bisexual; male and female clusters may be on the same or separate plants, often yellow-green and inconspicuous but may be reddish under good sun exposure.

Which is the correct name for Myrica californica?

Whereas the ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) lists Morella californica as the accepted name and Myrica californica as not accepted and a synonym. Myrica: Greek name for Tamarix . californica: of California. Oregon State Univ. campus: north of Shepard Hall.