How fast is Catrike expedition?

How fast is Catrike expedition?

This gearing should be adequate to climb most hills with ease and reach speeds of of over 30 MPH at 90 RPM. As with all the trikes we sell, we offer many different gearing options to suit your individual needs.

Does the Catrike expedition fold?

Like all Catrikes the Expedition does not fold, but the pedal boom can be removed if you have to. Like all Catrikes the seat-recline is not adjustable.

How much does a Catrike Weigh?

Frame & Geometry

Weight 34 lb
Seat Height 12.5 in
Seat Width 14 in
BB Height** 17 in

How many gears does a Catrike villager have?

Beautiful-Simple-Functional Catrike Villager. The FSA Gossamer triple crankset paired with the 10-speed cassette in the rear gives the Villager a solid 30-speed drivetrain….

Detailed Specifications
Ground Clearance 5.5 Inches
Bottom Bracket Height 17 Inches
X-Seam Range 39-46 inches
Gear Inch Range 15.4-87.1

How fast is a Catrike 700?

Top speed is 20 mph without pedaling and over 30 mph with. The basic battery pack will give you 40-60 miles of range and you can add more batteries if you want to go farther….

Detailed Specifications
Wheel Track 27.5 Inches
Total Length 82 Inches
Total Width 31 Inches
Total Assembled Height 26.75 Inches

How much is a Catrike?

Catrike claims a range of 62 miles with a price tag of $2600 on the kit.

Does the Catrike 559 fold?

The innovative Catrike 559 is a premium Grand Touring recumbent trike that folds, making it easier to take with you on the road. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort. This tadpole trike features two 20-inch wheels up front and a 26-inch wheel in the back.

What is the lightest recumbent trike?

The CT 2.0-’s 2019 trike of the year! Welcome to the new generation of recumbent trikes from Bacchetta- the lightest, fastest trike on the market. Full carbon frame with integrated storage….MSRP: $7295*

Seat Height 7 3/4″
Wheelbase 47″
Weight 27 lbs.
Weight Limit 275 lbs.
Gear Range 21″-120″

How much does an ice trike weigh?

Technical Data

Turning circle 15’7″-17’1″ (4.8m-5.2m)
Overall weight (from) 36.2lbs (16.5kg)
Rider size (X-seam) 37″-48″ (940-1219mm)
Track width 29.5″ (750mm)
Wheel base 37.8″-44.3″ (960mm-1125mm)

Does the Catrike villager have suspension?

Frame›Style›Tadpole. Frame›Suspension›No suspension.

Which Catrike is the fastest?

Catrike 700 Recumbent Trike
The Catrike 700 may be the fastest recumbent trike available, certainly the fastest for the price! It is light, low and has a 700c rear wheel for lower rolling resistance and smoother riding. It is much faster and lighter than some more expensive “performance” trikes.

What do you see on a Catrike expedition?

The sense of freedom that comes with taking the path less traveled can be yours with just a pedal stroke. Exploring hidden roads and seeing nature sliding past in near silence is an experience only rolling through the country on a Catrike can provide.

What can you do on a Catrike trike?

Exploring hidden roads and seeing nature sliding past in near silence is an experience only rolling through the country on a Catrike can provide. The Expedition offers a beautiful and sleek machine combined with a long, comfortable body position for all-day riding.

Which is the Best Trike for long distance touring?

Great for long distance touring, the Expedition is a fast machine with a wide gear range. The Expedition can also be a comfortable racer. Just throw some fast tires on it and bring the speed up. Take a look at our Expedition recumbent trike builds and you’ll get the idea.

How big is the rear wheel on a Catrike?

The 26-inch rear wheel provides a broad range of gears for a variety of terrain. There are so many roads to explore that you may never see them all, but it won’t be for lack of trying. * weight includes pedals, mirror, flag, computer mount and neck rest if standard on the model.