How is NYSSMA graded?

How is NYSSMA graded?

How is NYSSMA graded? NYSSMA levels are a way of telling where you are as an instrumentalist or vocalist. NYSSMA levels are 1-6. Levels 1-4 are graded out of 28, and levels 5 and 6 are graded out of 100.

What is an A+ in NYSSMA?

Students who perform on levels 1-4 are scored out of a possible 28 points and are rated as either “Outstanding”, “Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair”, and so on. Students performing at level 5 and 6 are scored out of a possible 100 points and rated as “A+”, “A”, “A-“, and so on.

How long does it take to get NYSSMA results?

Approximately three to four weeks after the upload period closes – the student and the teacher will have access to completed evaluations on the platform. Teachers review evaluation results with students and may print copies as needed.

Is Nyssma good for college?

As its been mentioned it’s definitely good experience, performing in front of a judge and memorizing scales. I kept some of the higher level pieces as audition pieces, mainly because I was so familiar with them.

How many Nyssma levels are there?

six levels
There are a total of six levels, each with its own level of progressively more challenging repertoire. Levels I through IV are scored on a scale of 0 to 28, where each section is scored out of 4 points. Levels V and VI are scored from 0 to 100. Each of the judging categories are allotted a set points out of the total.

What is the purpose of Nyssma?

NYSSMA is a professional organization that evaluates student musicians in New York state from elementary school to high school. Each spring, thousands of students register through their school music programs to attend NYSSMA Evaluation Festivals where they are adjudicated.

Is it hard to get into all state?

The process of advancing to All-State is a competitive process. It requires talent, diligence, and understanding of the audition process. Often, due to lack of auditioning experience, talented players will mess up and choke.

What is the highest Nyssma level?

level 6
The NYSSMA rating scale for all solos and ensembles starts at level 1 (easiest) up to level 6 (hardest). All-State soloists must perform literature selected from the level 6 category.

How many students are selected for the NYSSMA?

Each year in late August approximately 900 students are notified that they are selected to participate in the NYSSMA Conference All-State music groups. How does NYSSMA select these students?

What do students have to do for NYSSMA audition?

For the audition, students must perform a Level 6 piece from the NYSSMA Manual. If selected for All-State, endorsement of the student’s high school principal is required on the final forms. 13. Is All-State competitive?

How many scales do you need for New York State?

Answer: Scale requirement vary slightly depending on the instrument. The general requirements are: Three prepared major scales for Level I and II. Seven prepared major scales for Levels III and IV and fifteen prepared major scales for Levels V and VI. Students must play these scales from memory.

Is the NYSSMA Music Festival a competitive event?

NYSSMA festivals (other than for All-State) are evaluations, not competitions. Students may compete with themselves from year to year, but NYSSMA does not view festivals as competitive. 5. What music can be played?