How long does it take to get an OCI card in Houston?

How long does it take to get an OCI card in Houston?

Normal processing time for an OCI Registration as well as OCI Miscellaneous Services is 45-50 days from the date of acknowledgement of the application by the Consulate.

What is the new rule for OCI?

India: Rules for Overseas Citizens of India Further Relaxed OCI cardholders are required to obtain a new card once after their passport is renewed for the first time after reaching the age of 20. OCI cardholders over 50 years of age no longer have to obtain a new card whenever they receive a new passport.

What is the current OCI processing time?

between 8-10 weeks
The processing time for OCI applications is usually between 8-10 weeks after a completed application is sent to the Consulate.

What are the new rules for OCI card holders in India?

The government has eliminated a rule that required OCI cardholders to obtain new OCI cards every time they received a new passport up to the age of 20 and once upon obtaining a new passport after reaching the age of 50. The new rules are as follows: OCI cardholders under 20.

Can OCI holders travel to India right now 2021?

A. The Government of India has decided to permit all OCI/PIO card holders regardless of which country passport they hold.

Can OCI holders travel to India now from Canada?

People are free to travel to India as long as they have valid passport, OCI or visa obtained very recently from the Consulate. The traveler should also ensure that they have transit or visit visa for the respective country through which transiting (if applicable).

When does the OCI start in the US?

Its operations have started from 04 November 2020. All the OCI applicants are requested to visit the link for details.

How to apply for Government of India OCI?

All the OCI applicants are requested to visit the link for details. Apart from the applicable Government of India OCI fees, the applicants will also be required to pay US$ 15.90 as service charge to VFS Global and US$ 3 as contribution to Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF).

Where to get OCI card in Washington DC?

The Embassy of India, Washington DC has outsourced the handling of OCI card applications to M/s Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Limited (CKGS) from 21st May 2014. CKGS Houston Centre Address: Suite 550, Binz Building,

Is the OCI Card a dual citizenship of India?

OCI is not to be misconstrued as ‘dual citizenship’. OCI does not confer political rights. The registered Overseas Citizens of India shall not be entitled to the rights conferred on a citizen of India under article 16 of the Constitution with regard to equality of opportunity in matters of public employment.