How long is a retribution class battleship?

How long is a retribution class battleship?

Admiral Rutger Augustine look out over the vast length of his flagship vessel, the mighty Retribution-class battleship, Hammer of Righteousness… Six kilometres from stern to prow… From Andy Chambers’ post to the mailing list, this scale of 1500-2000 crew per damage point yields a crew size of 18,000-24,000.

What is the most powerful ship in Warhammer 40k?

Cairn Class Tomb Ships are the largest and most powerful class of Necron warships.

How powerful is a Nova Cannon?

A Nova Cannon is a weapon of great size and destructive power used by ships of the Imperial Navy which propels explosive projectiles close to the speed of light. Nova cannon ammunition can frequently obliterate smaller vessels up to an effective distance of 10,000km from the point of detonation [2a].

How long is a battle barge?

Not all Battle Barges are created equally. Most are 8-12km long and have crews many times that.

Is phalanx a Blackstone Fortress?

Subject: Is the Phalanx a Blackstone Fortress? The Phalanx is not a Blackstone Fortress – it’s either a Dark Age Relic or was built by Dorn before he met the Emperor. The Imperium does have multiple similar Star-forts, such as the Ramilles Class.

How big is an ark mechanicus?

They vary in size as each is unique, but they are roughly comparable to any other Imperial Battleship. So in the 5-7 kilometer range. There have been unusually large examples though. There was one which was over 20 kilometers long in one book IIRC.

How big is a Nova Cannon?

The Nova Cannon itself is massive; the barrel is the length of all but the largest Imperial vessels. The projectiles have a diameter of at least 50 metres and are fired at close to light speed after being accelerated by gravimetric coils.

How big is the phalanx 40k?

This area of the mighty star fortress was the heart of Phalanx. It spanned the barracks deck and was a kilometre and a half wide. The Forge of Ages was anchored on one end, beyond which lay a tangle of engineering areas and power and coolant conduits.

How many Space Marines can fit on a battle barge?

Though formidably armed and armoured, the battle barges of the Space Marines are no exception to this rule, and were designed first and foremost to facilitate full-scale planetary assaults. Each has enough hold space to accommodate three full companies of Space Marines, along with their vehicles and support elements.

How many Space Marines are in a battle barge?

Overview. Each Battle Barge is capable of deploying 3 Space Marine Companies plus supplies and support. Large amounts of space are designed to hold launch bays for inter-system craft and drop pods allowing up to three Companies to deploy simultaneously.

Where did the retribution class battleship come from?

The class is one of the oldest patterns of Imperial battleship still in service, built in the Martian orbital shipyards of the Ring of Iron . They are notable for mounting an all “big gun” armament, with a dorsal Lance battery.

What was the name of the Imperial battleship?

The Retribution Class Battleship is a large vessel used by the Imperial Navy and Basilikon Astra. [8] The class is a true ship of the line, being able to deliver a devastating broadside assault on the enemy, but is also equipped with impressive ordnance capabilities.

What’s the name of the Arkanian Imperial battleship?

“What’s that ship at the front…cause the side profile is actually hot.” The Retribution-class Battleships are a 792-meter long class of battleship operated by the Arkanian Imperial Navy and constructed at Arkania Shipyards by Nainakra Starship Manufacturing.

How is the retribution class used in Warhammer 40k?

The Retribution -class is employed in large scale engagements where the sheer weight of firepower spewed from the broadsides makes up for the lack of Lance batteries. Due to poor maneuverability, however, these battleships require a large number of Escorts to deal with fast-moving threats.