How many episodes are there in Mob Doctor?

How many episodes are there in Mob Doctor?

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Why was the mob doctor Cancelled?

FOX has cancelled the struggling drama after one season. FOX will not be renewing freshman drama The Mob Doctor after a low-rated first season. The struggling series got off to a slow start when it premiered this past September and never managed to pull itself out of its ratings funk.

What channel is the mob doctor on?


The Mob Doctor
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original network Fox
Original release September 17, 2012 – January 7, 2013

Are mob doctors real?

According to the show’s creators Josh Berman and Rob Wright, they do. They discovered several books about real-life mob doctors when they were doing research to write the pilot script, but the book that Sony bought the rights to make the series was “Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor,” written by Ron Felber.

How many seasons are there of the mob doctor?

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How many seasons were there for the Mob Doctor?

When does the Mob Doctor start on Fox?

The Mob Doctor is an American television drama that aired on Fox from September 17, 2012 to January 7, 2013 as a part of the 2012–13 network television season.

Who are the creators of the Mob Doctor?

The series was created by Josh Berman and Rob Wright and is based on the book Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor by Ron Felber. Berman, Wright, Michael Dinner, and Carla Kettner serve as executive producers.

Who is Grace Devlin in the Mob Doctor?

Jordana Spiro as Grace Devlin; well-educated doctor surgical resident who took on her brother’s debt to the mob. William Forsythe as Constantine Alexander; returned Chicago Outfit boss and Grace’s Protector.

Who is Al Trapani in the Mob Doctor?

Mike Starr as Al Trapani, a member of Constantine’s underground circle. Michael Madsen as Russell King, an associate of one of Constantine’s former rivals, who attempted to take over Downtown Chicago, before being outmuscled by Constantine.