How many goals does Ciro Immobile have?

How many goals does Ciro Immobile have?

In the last five seasons, Ciro Immobile has scored 26 goals, then 41 goals, followed by 19, 39 and 25.

How many goals does immobile have for Italy?

In the Italian Serie A season 2021/22, Ciro Immobile has played 6 matches. They have 13 shots on target from a total of 24 shots and have scored 6 goals (4.89 xG).

Is immobile good FIFA 21?

He’s explosive for a big striker, great presence when running through on goal and also around the box, his positioning is fantastic. He is honestly the most complete striker in the game and for his coins it’s a steal.

Which country is Ciro Immobile from?

Ciro Immobile/Nationality

How old is Ciro Immobile?

31 years (February 20, 1990)
Ciro Immobile/Age

How old is Bonucci?

34 years (May 1, 1987)
Leonardo Bonucci/Age

What does immobile mean in Italian?

[imˈmɔbile ] adjective. motionless ⧫ stationary ⧫ still. è rimasto lì, immobile he stood there, motionless.

How tall is Chiorgio?

1.87 m
Giorgio Chiellini/Height

Is immobile a good player?

That’s not to say Immobile is the best player in the world. But his place among Italian-born strikers, however, is unquestionable at this point. In just three seasons at Lazio, he was able to surpass the 100-goal mark. The first came in 2014, when he scored 22 goals with Torino.

Is Ciro a country?

Cirò is a comune and town with a population of 3614 people in the province of Crotone, in Calabria, Italy….Cirò, Calabria.

Country Italy
Region Calabria
Province Crotone (KR)
Frazioni L’Attiva, La Cappella, Santa Venere

Where is Ciro Immobile now?

S.S. Lazio#17 / Forward
Sevilla FCForwardItaly national football team#17 / Forward
Ciro Immobile/Current teams