How many issues does afterlife have with Archie?

How many issues does afterlife have with Archie?


Afterlife with Archie
Publication date October 2013 – present
No. of issues 10
Creative team
Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Francesco Francavilla

Did Archie cancel afterlife?

Finally Archie admitted that the series was “on hiatus,” a corporate-speak friendly phrase that the company uses in place of the more terminal …and honest… “cancelled.” Truth be told, the series had served it’s purpose.

Did Archie get to the war in the comics?

The comics have some answers. In the comics, specifically Archie 1941, he decides to enlist in the military after not knowing what direction to take his life in post-graduation, being guilted by his father to serve in WWII. Archie and his high school rival, Reggie Mantle, are both deployed to North Africa.

Is Netflix Riverdale based on Archie Comics?

Riverdale is based on Archie comics, but the show is quite different in many ways, while remaining true to its source material in others. The show is based around the small town of Riverdale and the dark secrets that surround it, and features many of the other side characters from the comics as well.

Is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic Cancelled?

Horror and Archie Comics fans were surprised to learn of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s cancellation last year, with the fan-favorite Netflix series airing its final episodes in December.

How many chilling adventures of Sabrina comics are there?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
No. of issues 9
Main character(s) Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Creative team
Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Robert Hack

Did Archie fight in World War 2?

In the original comic inspiration, Archie: 1941, Archie was shipped off overseas to fight in WWII but that was an alternate timeline set in 1941, and it made that clear from the beginning.

Does Archie join the Navy?

In the comic, Archie overhears his father’s request to join the military being politely rejected and, soon after, he decides to enlist himself. He forges his parents’ signatures on the forms and says goodbye to his girlfriend, Betty Cooper.

Is Riverdale inspired by Archie Comics?

Riverdale on the CW – Archie Comics. Set in present time, Riverdale is a subversive take on Archie, Betty, Veronica and their friends, exploring the surrealism of small-town life — the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome façade.

Is Riverdale the same story as Archie Comics?

Riverdale is the setting of the stories in the Archie Comics universe. It could be anywhere that kind people live and just have fun, like Archie and his friends. It could be in the Midwest, or along the Eastern Seaboard, or even a town in Canada, Mexico, or England.”

How did the Sabrina comics end?

With the help of Nick, Sabrina is able to save everyone’s lives but ultimately dies doing so. At the end of the series, we see that Sabrina and Nick (who is also now dead after taking his own life to be with Sabrina) are reunited in the afterlife, a.k.a. The Sweet Hereafter.

Does the chilling adventures of Sabrina follow the Comics?

Archie Comics followed suit with comic books based on the soap-opera occult nature of the streaming Netflix series. Now, while the Netflix series is considered canceled, Archie Comics brings Sabrina back this fall for new chilling comic book adventures.

When did afterlife with Archie Comics Come Out?

In October 2013, Archie Comics launched its first horror title, Afterlife with Archie, depicting Archie and the gang dealing with a zombie apocalypse that begins in their hometown of Riverdale.

Who is the Chief Creative Officer of Archie Comics?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, playwright, screenwriter and comic book writer, was appointed Archie Comics chief creative officer in March 2014. Archie characters landed a live-action TV series, Riverdale, at Fox with a script deal plus penalty in October 2014. Warner Bros TV and Berlanti Productions were producing.

When did Archie Comics start publishing horror comics?

Archie launched a short-lived fantasy and horror imprint, Red Circle Comics, in the 1970s. The company revived that imprint in the 1980s for its brief line of superheroes comics.

Who was the first gay character in Archie Comics?

Kevin Keller, Archie Comics’ first gay character, debuted in Veronica #202 in September 2010. The character was created out of a conversation between Goldwater and longtime Archie Comics writer-artist Dan Parent during the company’s first creative summit, about bringing more diversity to Riverdale.