How many RMB is a dollar?

How many RMB is a dollar?

6.39917 CNY
Convert US Dollar to Chinese Yuan Renminbi

1 USD 6.39917 CNY
5 USD 31.9958 CNY
10 USD 63.9917 CNY
25 USD 159.979 CNY

What is the Australian dollar Chinese yuan cross rate?

Australian Dollar to Yuan Exchange Rate Today, Live 1 AUD to CNY = 4.7501 (Convert Australian Dollars to Yuan)

How many Australian dollars equal a yuan?

The Australian Dollar is currently the fifth-most-traded currency in world foreign exchange markets….Quick Conversions from Chinese Yuan to Australian Dollar : 1 CNY = 0.20753 AUD.

¥ 100 A$ 20.75
¥ 250 A$ 51.88
¥ 500 A$ 103.77
¥ 1,000 A$ 207.53

What does 1000 RMB mean in China?

The official name for Chinese currency is Renminbi, which literally translates to People’s Currency and is abbreviated to RMB. The most widespread international usage is yuan, which is abbreviated to CNY. You can write either CNY 1,000 or RMB 1,000. The official symbol for the Chinese yuan is ¥.

What is China RMB rate?

1.00 CNY
Chinese Yuan Renminbi Exchange Rates Table

Chinese Yuan Renminbi 1.00 CNY inv. 1.00 CNY
US Dollar 0.156271 6.399137
Euro 0.135162 7.398505
British Pound 0.114121 8.762666
Indian Rupee 11.709532 0.085401

Where can I exchange RMB for US dollars?

Swap RMB for USD at a bank within the U.S.

  • Chinese banks within the U.S., such as the Bank of China or Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (ICBC)
  • U.S. Banks partnering with a Chinese bank, such as the Bank of America.
  • Banks in major international metropolitan centers like New York and Los Angeles.

What is the symbol for Chinese yuan?


What is Chinese currency?


You may have heard Chinese currency referred to as “renminbi,” which is usually abbreviated as RMB. In Chinese, renminbi is written 人民币 (rénmínbì in pīnyīn), which means “the people’s money.”

Are CNY and RMB the same currency?

Chinese money, however, comes by two names: the Yuan (CNY) and the people’s renminbi (RMB). The distinction is subtle: while renminbi is the official currency of China where it acts as a medium of exchange, the yuan is the unit of account of the country’s economic and financial system.

What does RMB stand for?

RMB is abbreviation for Ren Min Bi, when loosely translated into English means People’s Money / notes. Which is the official currency of China : RMB is the official currency in China. What is the base unit for RMB : Yuan is the base unit for RMB – just as Dollar in USD.

Is RMB undervalued?

To be sure, modeling by the Institute of International Finance indicates the yuan is undervalued by 12.8%, according to its latest assessment published in March. The report also shows that the dollar has become increasingly overvalued.

Is yuan same as RMB?