How many speeds is a Ford Cruise-O-Matic?

How many speeds is a Ford Cruise-O-Matic?

Developed as a three-speed automatic, the Ford-O-Matic used a cast-iron case and would normally be started in second gear. For this reason, you often see the Ford-O-Matic referred to as a two-speed, although the only actual two-speed units were produced from 1959-’64, and they had aluminum cases.

How do I identify a Ford-O-Matic transmission?

The Cruise-O-Matic transmissions are easily identified by their design, which incorporates a cast-iron main case (unlike all other Ford three-speed automatic offerings) with separate aluminum bellhousings and extension housings bolted to it.

Is a Cruise-O-Matic a C6?

The Ford C6 is a heavy-duty automatic transmission built by Ford Motor Company between 1966 and 1996. It was marketed as the “SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic”. Compared to its predecessor MX transmission, the C6 offered lower weight, less complexity, less parasitic power loss, and greater torque capacity for larger engines.

Did Ford make a 2 speed automatic?

Ford-O-Matic two-speed This transmission was offered on Ford models Falcon, Fairlane, and Galaxie, Mercury models Comet, and Meteor and Edsel cars with differences in the torque converter, valve bodies and clutch plates to accommodate differing engine torques.

What is a case o matic transmission?

Subject: Re: Whats a Case o matic? Its a torque converter with a lock out lever. In COM it runs with the torque converter. In direct drive it locks the torque converter to the flywheel. Once you learned how to drive one they are great.

Where do I find my Ford transmission code?

Look for the front rail of the trans case where you should find the VIN. It could also be along the front rail. Find the transmission ID tag on the top surface of the transmission or under a servo bolts on the transmission.

How can I tell what Ford transmission I have?

The prime identification source is the pan located on the bottom of the transmission; its shape and bolt count is indicative of which model transmission is present.

  1. Inspect the pan found on the bottom of the transmission.
  2. Count the number of bolts on the transmission pan.

How do I identify a C6 transmission?

The bell housing gradually tapers down in size from the back of the engine to the center, or “body,” of the transmission. Look for a seam between the bell housing and the body of the transmission. If no seam exists, the transmission is a C6.

Does a C6 have overdrive?

Adding overdrive to a C6 is physically impossible, but the 4R100 can donate its forward planetary gear set for shorter first and second gear ratios. This creates a “wide-ratio” C6.

Does fm4 Bellhousing fit C4?

the only stock type bellhousing that you can use to hook a C-4 to a 460 type motor is onec off of a 351m/400m engine. They work fine for a stocker bellhousing.

What is the difference between a C4 and FMX transmission?

FMX is bigger and is rated (factory) at a higher power rating than C4. Lots of old schoolers still support the FMX but the C4 is more popular. No need to swap unless you’re going racing and trying to get the edge… C4 is all aluminum, has external servo ‘cover’ on the side with 4 bolts.