How much are vintage accordions worth?

How much are vintage accordions worth?

120 bass piano accordions in good condition start at about USD 300, but you might find old, 2-voice instruments for about USD 100; on the other hand, full size, 3/4, 3/5 or 4/5 reeds, 120 bass instruments of a good brand are a bit more expensive.

Are Scandalli accordions good?

All Scandalli accordions have universally recognized features in order to be considered as the most advanced and suitable concert instruments; especially the sensitive and expressive sound, balanced throughout the extraordinary dynamic range.

Where are Scandalli accordions made?

The World’s Most Famous Italian Accordion But Scandalli also makes a wide range of high quality accordions including their premier wood grain Intense models, lightweight Air series and the elegant Polifonico models. Made in Italy with 3 year factory warranty.

How do you identify an antique accordion?

Check the body of the accordion, looking for chips missing from the corners, cracks in the celluloid or wood, scratch marks indicating abuse, etc. Check the condition of all the leather straps, particularly the ends that go through the metal holding brackets on the accordion, top and bottom.

How do I identify my accordion?

You can determine this by looking at the switches located above the treble keyboard. If there are only 2-4 switches, the accordion probably has two treble reed banks (most commonly a Low and a Middle bank, or LM). The switches will also illustrate with lines or dots how many reed sets there are.

How much is a Paolo Soprani accordion worth?

3147 – Black Paolo Soprani Piano Accordion LMMH 41 120

Price: $ 1,199.00
Quantity: Out of Stock

What is a vintage accordion?

A vintage accordion is one with some value as a collectible or antique in addition to its value as a playable musical instrument. Early versions appeared only in 1829, so no vintage accordion can possess the age and historical value that certain examples of other musical instruments might hold.

What should I look for in a used accordion?

Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Accordion

  1. Type. There are several types.
  2. Size. When starting out, I recommend a lighter accordion.
  3. Price. Stay as low as possible since you’ll eventually be trading this accordion for the one you really want.
  4. Accordion Age.
  5. Tuning.
  6. Appearance.
  7. Compression.
  8. Reeds.

What is a good accordion?

Top 5 Best Accordion Brands

  • Hohner. When we’re talking about accordions in general, there’s no way to avoid mentioning Hohner.
  • Roland.
  • Excalibur.
  • Weltmeister.
  • D’Luca.
  • Best Budget Accordion: Hohner 1305.
  • Best for the Money: Hohner Bravo III 72.
  • Best Overall: Tulskaya Garmon Bayan Tula 209.