How much do RTD train drivers make?

How much do RTD train drivers make?

Average RTD Bus Driver hourly pay in Colorado is approximately $20.70, which is 23% above the national average.

What is an RTD driver?

Ramp transport driver. Basically RTD origin out of airports (ramps) Container full of packages are unloaded off airplanes and loaded onto trucks which are delivered to stations. off loaded and sorted, couriers then deliver packages to customers. On the p.m side its vice versa.

How many employees does RTD Denver have?

Operational Positions. RTD employes nearly 2,000 people in bus and rail operations from picking up routes on the street to maintaining vehicle safety in the shops, our team of professionals is on the lookout for new and seasoned talent alike.

Does RTD Denver drug test?

RTD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace.

What does RTD mean at FedEx?

FedEx Express RTD As a truck driving job, this is the easiest job in the industry. Pick up and delivery are not overwhelmingly busy, but the pay isn’t comparable to other LTL/trucking companies.

What does RTD stand for in FedEx?

FedEx Express RTD (Regional Transportation Driver)Class A Licenced Commercial Truck Driver at FedEx Northern California/Reno NV.

Who owns RTD?

Colorado Department of Transportation
All Aboard America! Holdings, Inc.
Regional Transportation District/Parent organizations

How is RTD funded?

Established by the state legislature in 1969, RTD is currently funded in large part by a 1 percent sales tax collected across its service area — which includes all or part of Denver, Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Broomfield and Douglas counties — along with fare revenue and state and federal grants.

Is RTD a government agency?

The Southern California Rapid Transit District (almost always referred to as RTD or rarely as SCRTD) was a public transportation agency established in 1964 to serve the Los Angeles metropolitan area. RTD was merged into the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 1993.

Is RTD privately owned?

As a public agency, we are dedicated to serving the public and providing for the transportation needs of over 3.08 million people located within 2,342 square miles.