How much does a MiG-29 flight cost?

How much does a MiG-29 flight cost?

Fly before you buy – Try a MiG-29 in Russia It’ll cost you about $17,000 for a 45-minute flight, where you’ll experience a full afterburner take-off, go supersonic, and they’ll even let you try your hand at the controls.

Is MiG-29 better than f16?

Below 200 knots, the MiG-29 has incredible nose-pointing capability down to below 100 knots. The F-16, however, enjoys an advantage in the 200 knot-plus regime. At higher speeds, we can power above them to go to the vertical. And our turn rate is significantly better.

How much does an F 16 missile cost?

The anticipated average flyaway cost of a production version was $3 million.

How far can a MiG-29 fly?

Performance of the MiG-29 Fulcrum The ferry range is 2,100km. Its range and service ceiling are 1,430km and 18,000m respectively.

How good is the FA 18?

The F/A-18 is a twin engine, midwing, multimission tactical aircraft. It is highly maneuverable, due to its good thrust-to-weight ratio, digital fly-by-wire control system, and leading-edge extensions, which allow the Hornet to remain controllable at high angles of attack.

Which is better a MiG 29 or a F 16?

The manually controlled MiG-29 (28°/sec) even beats the fly by wire F-16 Block 50 (26°/sec). Superior in dogfights/close combat to US 4th generation fighter aircraft like McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, General Dynamic F-16 Fighting Falcon and McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet (as proved in dogfights with the Swiss Air Force among others).

Where did the MiG-29 fighter jet come from?

And Poland bought the 24 MiG-29s which German Air Force/Luftwaffe inherited from East German Air Force (Luftstreitkräfte der NVA) for a symbolic EUR per piece. It is interesting to talk with pilots of such “mixed” fleets, they usually identify themselves with the fighter jet they fly.

What’s the turn rate of a MiG 29?

Incredible turn rate. The manually controlled MiG-29 (28°/sec) even beats the fly by wire F-16 Block 50 (26°/sec). The Archer is able to target 45° off boresight

What was the purpose of the MiG 29 Fulcrum?

Designed in response to a new generation of American fighters, which included the F-15 and F-16, the MiG-29 presented a formidable threat to Western pilots. Among the countries that purchased the Fulcrum there was also East Germany.