How much does a SATOP class cost?

How much does a SATOP class cost?

The SATOP assessment screening costs $375 ($126 assessment screening fee and $249 supplemental fee). If you receive a recommendation for the Offender Education Program, the cost will be $200. If you receive a recommendation for the Weekend Intervention Program, the cost will be $467.45.

How long is a Missouri SATOP class?

SATOP Service Levels A 10-hour education course designed for lower risk consumers in understanding the choices they made that led to their intoxication and arrest.

How do you complete a SATOP?

In order to complete SATOP, one must receive an assessment at a state certified or nationally accredited agency and complete the recommended program. The individual must complete a Comparable Program Form and submit to central office with the supplemental fee of $249.

Can you take SATOP online?

The first part of SATOP is an assessment screening, and we are now offering ONLINE SATOP Screenings. After you have completed your SATOP screening, we do currently offer virtual SATOP classes (videoconferencing) and telehealth individual and group sessions using videoconferencing or in some cases, telephone options.

How long does a Satop assessment take?

approximately one hour
SATOP is a two-part process; the first step is to call and schedule a SATOP assessment, which will take approximately one hour. Based on your assessment, you will be referred to an appropriate SATOP program. The second step is successful completion of this program. There are four different levels of SATOP programs.

What are Satop classes?

The SATOP program is a state certified program designed for those individuals who have been ticketed or arrested for a substance related traffic offense. Whether DWI, DUI, Chemical Refusal or Minor in Possession, SATOP is required for an individual with a Missouri license to regain their driving privileges.

How long does it take to complete Satop?

It usually takes 20-25 minutes to complete. The DRI-II test contains six (6) different scales designed to measure the following: Truthfulness Scale: This scale is designed to measure how truthful the driver was while completing the DRI-II.

Is there a fee for the SAToP program?

The supplemental fee is required by state statute (Chapter 302, Section 302.540) for individuals required to complete SATOP. The fee is deposited into the Mental Health Earnings Fund and is used to provide financial assistance based on a Standards Means Test for eligible participants in the program.

What do you need to know about SAToP in Missouri?

Education/treatment program information must be completed in Section II A, III, and IV of the SATOP Comparable Program Completion Form by the providing agency. Regardless of the assessment recommendation, Missouri requires a minimum of ten hours of alcohol and substance use education. 5.

What is the objective of the SAToP program?

The objective of SATOP is to reduce the number of repeat DWI offenses by individuals who complete a state-certified DWI program; and to provide individuals an opportunity to address alcohol and substance use. DWI/DUI classes offered via the internet DO NOT meet Missouri’s SATOP requirements. 1.

How to apply for SAToP in Jefferson City MO?

Mail a completed SATOP Comparable Program Completion Form and $249 supplemental fee to Missouri Department of Mental Health, Controller’s Office, SATOP, PO Box 596, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0596. Supplemental Fee must be paid in the form of a signed money order payable to the Mental Health Earnings Fund. Required by Missouri Statute 302.540, RSMo.