How much does Guardian Protection Services cost?

How much does Guardian Protection Services cost?

Guardian Protection costs $34.95-$59.99/mo for home security monitoring depending on the package you purchase. The company also charges an upfront fee of $99-$499, which depends on which equipment you purchase. All packages come with 24/7 professional, wireless and cellular monitoring.

Who bought out Guardian security?

Family-owned security company Guardian Alarm in Southfield has been sold to a pair of New York private equity firms that plan to continue growing the business. The sale closed Wednesday to investment firms Certares LP and Vanwall Holdings, according to a news release. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

How do I cancel my Guardian Alarm?

Please contact us directly at 1.800. PROTECT (cancellation requests via this form cannot be accepted)….Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into
  2. Choose Notifications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Under Severe Weather Alerts, toggle the feature on/off.

How much does Guardian cost per month?

The Fast Facts: Medical Guardian’s Packages & Pricing

Product Monthly prices Equipment fees
Classic Guardian $29.95 per month No
Home 2.0 $34.95 per month 99.95
Mini Guardian $39.95 per month $124.95
Active Guardian $44.95 per month No

How long are guardian protection contracts?

Perimeter Protection The Monitoring Agreement must include a minimum term of 60 months, a minimum monthly rate of $45.99, and an early termination fee. Customer must pay in full at the time of purchase for any additional equipment that is not included in the “3-1-1” security system package.

Did ADT buy out Guardian?

SOUTHFIELD, MI – Guardian Alarm is pleased to announce that it has closed on the sale of the company to US-based investment firms Certares LP and Vanwall Holdings LLC, together with company management. former President of ADT Security, will join the team as Chairman and advisor to the company.

Who is the CEO of Guardian Alarm?

Brent Uhl
Guardian Alarm has announced Brent Uhl as its new chief executive officer.

How much does it cost to cancel Guardian security?

The contract termination fee is 20% which you will want to consider if moving and signing their long 5 year contract. There isn’t anything special or mind-blowing with them but they are a reputable company.

How long is Guardian Alarm contract?

Why do you need a home security system in Tulsa?

OSBI reports that most violent crimes in Oklahoma occur during robbery and burglary attempts, so regardless of where you live in Tulsa, a home security system can help protect your family and give you more peace of mind. Crime rates in Tulsa have been on the rise in recent years.

Which is the best security company in Oklahoma?

Globelink Security System, or GSS, has been in business in Oklahoma for over 20 years. It offers monitoring at rock bottom prices, and many online reviews report choosing the company for its pricing. You can get a new home alarm or have them monitor your existing alarm system.

When did witness home security start in Tulsa?

Witness has been serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas since 2009, and local reviewers report that they get great customer service from the company. Witness has several home security plans to choose from, and you can sign up without getting locked into a long term contract.

Is it safe to live in Tulsa OK?

In fact, June 2017 had the highest number of murders in a single month in the city’s history, with 14 people killed in the 30-day period. Although South Tulsa has a reputation for being the safest part of the city, it has some high-crime areas.