How much does it cost to get a custom music box?

How much does it cost to get a custom music box?

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This item Custom Music Box – Upload Your Own Songs with USB, 15 Songs Space, Exterior Matte Wood Tone Finish Musical Box with Small Compartment (L1 – Sensor/USB/Recharge)
Customer Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars (27)
Price $10999
Sold By Music Box Attic Store
Color Brown

Can I customize a music box?

If you want an exclusive design made just for you, we can customize your music box according to your indications. We can engrave any type of text and symbols with laser on the top of the lid or inside of the box, print any kind of picture directly on the wood and install different types of music box mechanisms.

Who makes Musicbox?

Sankyo Seiki bills itself as the biggest manufacturer of music boxes in the world and advertises that it controls 50% of the market. Recently, it has started selling licences for its musical-box tunes to cellular phone companies, for use as ring tones.

Can you put any song on a music box?

Play any song you want in a music box Thanks to a digital module that can be added to any box, you can play any song/recording on a music box to get the best personalized gift.

Is the music box Company Legit?

The Music Box Attic is headquartered in North Hollywood, California. Music Box Attic has gained a loyal customer base over the years because of their unbeatable service, commitment to quality, and reliability.

Where are Sankyo music boxes made?

The Collection has 3 main Components, plus 2 more with Items for sale:

Japan: Sankyo, Toyo, T.O.K., SKK, Kyooh, Kony, Fuji, Sanyo, Yokiwa, Laurel, Joyo, Mikyo, Maruho, Tone, Jatic Ind. Brass, Sa To, IGEON Tokyo, Robin, J.T.O, Swisstone (also produced in Malaysia), Royal and Narco
?: Melody (Taiwan, China?)

What happens if you let the music box run out?

The Music Box management in this game seems in some ways to replace the power management of the first game. Both drain over time, and if either runs out the player is almost guaranteed dead unless the night ends right then and there before any sort of consequence occurs (when the clock hits 6 AM).

Where is the music box shop in Bristol?

The Music Box Shop. Our small friendly shop is situated in the centre of Whitchurch Village just outside of Bristol and we welcome visitors who wish to view our range of jewellery box, music boxes, music gifts, musical box and musical instruments we have on show.

Who are the owners of the music box shop?

The Music Box Shop is part of the Dean group, a small family run business who specialise in mechanical organs, music boxes and musical products. We have three main activities. We are mechanical organ builders.

What to do with a broken music box?

Our range of beautiful musical jewellery boxes make a perfect gift for special occasions, Jewellery boxes. These musical movements are suitable for replacement of broken music boxes or to fit into your own manufactured jewellery music box. You now have the opportunity to own one of these traditional mechanical singing birds.

Which is the best company for music boxes?

The Reuge company is famous throughout the world for high quality musical boxes. We are pleased to offer this wonderful detailed range of highly decorated Musical Carousels & carousel gifts. We are pleased to offer this wonderful detailed range of highly decorated musical Figurines & music gifts. Made in the traditional way.