How much health do people have in Planetside 2?

How much health do people have in Planetside 2?

All classes besides the infiltrator and MAX have 500 Health and 500 Shields. Heavy Assault get access to an additional shield worth 500 points if they don’t choose the Resist version. Nanoweave Armor can add up to 25% more Health for a total of 625.

What does the ant do in Planetside 2?

ANTs are 4-man transports that have mining lasers for harvesting Cortium nodes, which are scattered around the map. The ANT can be deployed at any time, which will reveal access to a building terminal from which you can equip and then place fortifications (at a cost to Cortium).

What is merit planetside2?

Merit is earned by capturing and defending bases whilst in an outfit. Earning a small amount of score at any contested base will reward the player with an amount of merit dependent on the base’s size if the player’s faction succeeds in either attacking or defending the base.

How do I spend merit in Planetside 2?

Merit is a new currency type that can be earned by completing meritorious actions (base capture or control) with your Outfit, and can be spent at Outfit Vendors on Sanctuary. All Merit Boosts, Heroic Merit Boosts, and implant packs are only available for the character you use to purchase the bundle, so choose wisely!

What year does Planetside 2 take place?

[edit] The Rise of the Republic In the year 2426, acting upon intelligence that suggested imminent and simultaneous attacks, the Earth’s six greatest nations declared war on one another.

Does Planetside 2 have classes?

The six classes are Light Assault, Heavy Assault, Combat Medic, Engineer, Infiltrator, and MAX (which stands for Mechanized Assault Exosuit).

What do you do with Cortium in Planetside 2?

Cortium has two uses in-game; to be used to purchase Structures, which can be placed in construction zones, and to power modules and other such utilities. The Advanced Nanite Transport, or ANT, is a purpose-built mining vehicle and holds the only tools that can harvest the cortium deposits found across the continents.

Where is FL 34 planetside2?

3) FL-34 is in the LEFT A7 LOBBY BOOTH, on the left side. He is the NS robot on the left.

Where is the merit vendor Planetside 2?

the atrium
Merit Vendor The rightmost store within the atrium houses most Outfit-related tasks, staffed by an outfit quartermaster and outfit recruiter. This store is also the workplace of Representative Ayla, who is responsible for the provision of equipment to those working on official Nanite Systems business.

What can you buy with A7?

A7 is a data-based currency, which is used to purchase rare weapons and equipment from the Black Market Vendor on-board Sanctuary.

Will there be Planetside 3?

So far Daybreak’s only statements on Planetside 3 are all presented as theoretical, so don’t get your hopes up about the sequel happening anytime soon. Planetside 3 sounds very much in the planning stages. There’s no word on a timetable, and with no concrete information it’s tough to expect it anytime soon.

What are the implants in PlanetSide 2 rank 1?

Safeguard is one of the starting implants, alongside Target Focus, available to all players at rank 1 immediately upon creation of their character. While equipped, Safeguard grants the player a damage reduction effect against all damage types temporarily after being revived.

Is there a sequel to PlanetSide 2 free to play?

Planetside 2 is the recently released free-to-play MMOFPS that serves as a sequel to Planetside.

Where do I find the settings in PlanetSide 2?

To begin, launch Planetside 2 and click the Settings item in the lower right hand corner of the screen. From the General tab, you can make adjustments to key options like Mouse Sensitivity and Invert Vertical Look, ensuring you play exactly how you prefer. Graphics options which affect performance come later in this guide.