How much is a Citation M2?

How much is a Citation M2?

Citation M2 Specifications

Citation M2 General Info
Acquisition Cost $4,230,000 – $5,170,000
Variable Cost $1,159 – $1,417/hr
Annual Cost $939,519 – $1,148,301
Fixed Cost $41,028 – $369,250

Is the Citation M2 still in production?

The Citation M2 is a great example of this and we believe it will carry on the legacy as the entry-level jet that pilots want and need.” …

Is the Citation M2 single pilot?

A derivative of the Citation CJ1, the M2 Gen2 is Textron’s lightest aircraft under the single-pilot certified 525-series of aircraft. The right-seat pilot gets extra comfort, too, thanks to three more inches of legroom.

What is M2 in aviation?

The M2 jet is the entry level jet that pilots have been asking for. Speed, control, range and comfort complete the aircraft providing you with serious jet performance. The Citation M2 jet delivers fast, efficient trips with exceptional range at 1,550 nm.

Does the Citation M2 have a toilet?

At the very rear of the aircraft, passengers will find a belted flushing lavatory. This comes as standard.

How much is a new CJ3+?

A new CJ3+ will cost slightly over $8 million when typically equipped, while a pre-owned CJ3 ranges from $4 million to $7.9 million.

How many seats are in a Citation M2?

six passengers
The Cessna Citation M2 has a maximum capacity of six passengers: 4 seats in main cabin, 1 in the cockpit and 1 belted lavatory seat. The Cessna M2 is certified for single pilot operation.

What is the salary of aircraft maintenance engineer?

The average salary for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is ₹6,73,200 per year (₹56,100 per month), which is ₹2,85,700 (+74%) higher than the national average salary in India. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can expect an average starting salary of ₹1,10,300. The highest salaries can exceed ₹20,00,000.

How much do aircraft maintenance engineers make in Canada?

The typical Air Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer salary is $88,814 per year. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer salaries at Air Canada can range from $68,789 – $97,952 per year.

What is the smallest plane with a toilet?

The TBM 700 is the smallest I can think of. Or a Cessna 421.

Does a PC-12 have a bathroom?

Does the PC-12 have a toilet? Yes, this aircraft has a fully enclosed lavatory between the cockpit and passenger cabin. There are hard walls on both sides of the toilet, which provide plenty of privacy. The PC-12 is powered by the highly reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine.

How much does a Cessna 525 cost?

Cessna launched the $2.4 million (equivalent to $5.01 million in 2020) model 525 CitationJet at the October 1989 NBAA convention in Atlanta, estimating a demand for 1,000 aircraft over ten years.

Where does the Cessna Citation M2 come from?

The Cessna Citation M2 is an American turbofan-powered light corporate jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. The Citation M2 is based on the earlier Model 525 CitationJet (CJ1), which was launched in 1989.

How much does a Citation M2 Jet cost?

250 Citation M2 jets have been delivered as of June 15, 2020. They originally priced at $4.5M, but now the unit price for this light business jet is $5.15M.

What was the purpose of the Citation M2?

The M2 was designed to take over the entry-level light jet spot from the recently discontinued Cessna Mustang. The M2 didn’t just replace the Mustang; it vastly improved upon the Mustang and gave customers looking to get into the light jet community a bona fide star.

Is the Cessna Citation M2 eligible for Textron pro?

The Citation M2 is eligible for Textron Maintenance Programs including Textron Pro Parts, Textron Pro Tech, Textron TAP (Williams TAP) engine programs. Disclaimer: Performance – The aircraft performance data provided has not been verified by and should not be used for flight planning purposes.