How much is an Axis Deer hunt in Texas?

How much is an Axis Deer hunt in Texas?

How much does it cost to Axis Deer hunt in Texas? The cost of an Axis Deer hunt in Texas will range from $250 per person per day to $4000 for a 3 day Axis Deer hunt with loding, guided, meals provided.

How much is an Axis Deer worth?

Listed below are the exotics available for stocking:

Species: Male: Female:
Axis $600-$6000 $600
Addax $4500-$6500 $4500-$6500
Aoudad $650-$7500 $500
Black Wilderbeast

Are Axis Deer good to eat?

Their natural diet consists of grasses, live oak, sumac, acorns, and mushrooms. Their meat is mild in taste, extremely tender, and exceptionally low in fat (0.2 percent). Axis deer are generally considered by most hunters to be the best-tasting game meat.

Where is the best deer hunting in Texas?

The Best Deer Hunts in Texas

  • Sombrerito Ranch: This lovely 11,000-acre South Texas spread was originally part of a Spanish land grant.
  • King Ranch: The quality of the deer is top-notch, but the mystique and historical wonder of the place is what sets it apart (not to mention its legendary size: more than 800,000 acres).

Do you need a license to hunt Axis Deer in Texas?

Axis can be hunted year round at West Kerr Ranch due to our vast numbers, however May through September is going to have the largest number of hard horn bucks to choose from. You will need a hunting license. Non-resident hunters can purchase a 5 day special hunting license.

Can you buy Axis deer?

If you own property and you’re looking to purchase live Axis Deer for stocking purposes you have several options. You can purchase the deer at an exotic livestock auction, go to a trapper, or go to an existing game ranch for stock.

What is considered a trophy axis buck?

A trophy axis is usually 6+ years old, weighs 160 to 210lbs with 6 points and 28+ inch beams. These deer typically have 28-31 inch beams, 8-10 inch brows and 5-8 inch caudals, and are our most common trophy size.

How much meat do you get from an Axis deer?

Using the above equation, we estimate its carcass will weigh 124 pounds, and it will ideally yield 83.08 pounds of boneless meat. The deer’s realistic meat yield is about 58.15 pounds. Because waste can vary between deer, we suggest using the “realistic” figure as a gauge.

Is elk or Axis deer better?

Axis is the better tasting meat. Elk is second. Axis is a close relative to the elk. Both eat grass, hence the reason why they eat so well but, Axis is ranked as the number one Venison by world-wide game meat markets.

Where are the biggest bucks in Texas?

South Texas Plains
The area that grows the largest mature bucks in Texas is the South Texas Plains. This is shown from Texas Parks and Wildlife harvest data across 15 years. The average score of a mature buck in South Texas is 134 inches.

How much does it cost to hunt axis deer in Texas?

Texas Axis Deer Hunting Prices. 1 High Fence Trophy Axis Deer Rocksprings, Texas – $1950 fee after harvest. 2 High Fence Trophy Axis Deer Carta Valley, Texas – $2450 fee after harvest. 3 High Fence Trophy Axis Deer Spring Branch, Texas – $2700 fee after harvest. 4 Free Range Trophy Axis Deer – $3000 fee after harvest – *Limited Availability*. 5

When is the best time to hunt axis deer?

Axis meat is fantastic table fare and as well offers a great trophy of a lifetime. This is our customers favorite exotic animal to hunt, we recommend booking early for the months of May. You may hunt trophy Axis deer with the following methods bow or crossbow, spot and stalk, rifle, safari style (from a vehicle) or from a ground blind.

What kind of deer hunt at HJ ranch?

HJ ranch has some of the best axis deer and blackbuck antelope herds in edwards county. These herds have been strictly managed to help produce mature bucks for harvest. With their unique horns, exotic coats and excellent meat, axis and blackbuck are by far the most popular exotic hunts in texas.

What kind of animals can you hunt in Texas?

Meat Hunts in Texas There are many meat hunts to choose from. Some of our popular meat hunts are Axis Doe, Black Buck Doe, Cow Elk, Fallow Doe, Watusi, Bison, or a Red Deer Hind.