How much is dinner at the Cliff Barbados?

How much is dinner at the Cliff Barbados?

The prix-fixe menu will set you back $132.50 per person for a two-course meal or $155 per person for a three-course meal. Reserve days or even weeks in advance to snag a table at the front of the terrace for the best view.

Is The Cliff restaurant in Barbados Open?

Open 6 days a week from December to May and June to November, Monday to Saturday.

Who owns the Cliff restaurant in Barbados?

Brian Ward
Brian Ward, owner of The Cliff Restaurant, talks about his journey which led to him opening up one of the top restaurants in the world.

Is the cliff Barbados Michelin star?

Michelin star quality in Barbados – The Cliff.

How much is Harbour lights Barbados?

$35.00 USD drinks inclusive until 10:00 pm on Fridays. Please no hats or head gear; no vests or sleeveless shirts for men and absolutely no camouflage (as per the law). Harbour Lights is conveniently located on the south west corner of Barbados on the stunning Carlisle Bay beach. Is there free WiFi?

Who is Michael Kent Barbados?

Quarto Passi and QP Bistro are owned by Michael Kent, a resident of Barbados. He also owns the Tides Restaurant in Barbados. Born on a farm in Cornwall, England, he is relentless in working with the best local people wherever he is.

What happened to the cliff Barbados?

The Cliff Restaurant is now under new ownership and currently undergoing reconstruction. It is currently due to re-open in December 2021 under the new name Quatro Passi.

Whats happened to the cliff Barbados?

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