How much is my Eisenhower dollar worth?

How much is my Eisenhower dollar worth?

Eisenhower Silver Dollar Value The 1976-S is common through MS67 at $75 and then hits $300 in MS68, the highest grade. As for silver Proofs, they are readily available through PF69 with a complete set in that grade running $200. A type coin runs $38, while in PF70 expect to spend at least $525 and more for some dates.

How rare is the Eisenhower dollar?

Since only one coin die was used in the production of this variety, it is estimated that the number of coins produced is under 100,000. Therefore, this is the most sought after die variety in the Eisenhower Dollar series.

Are all 1976 Eisenhower Dollars silver?

While the Eisenhower dollars produced for circulation were struck in copper-nickel, these coins were produced in a 40% silver alloy and sold directly to collectors. Along with the half dollar, and the quarter, the 1976 version of the Eisenhower dollar features a special design to commemorate the nation’s bicentennial.

What is a 1971 Eisenhower silver dollar worth? has estimated the 1971 Eisenhower Dollar value at an average of $2.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $85.

Are all Eisenhower dollars 40 silver?

In 1970, a compromise was reached to strike the Eisenhower dollar in base metal for circulation, and in 40% silver as a collectible….Eisenhower dollar.

United States
Value 1 U.S. dollar
Mass Copper/nickel-clad: ~22.68 g (350 gr) Silver clad: ~24.624 g (380 gr)
Diameter 38.1 mm (1.5 in)

How do I know if my Eisenhower dollar is silver?

The Eisenhower Silver Dollars can be found with “D” for the Denver Mint, “S” for the San Francisco Mint, or no mint mark which means it was struck in Philadelphia. The “S” marked strikes were apart of Mint and Proof Sets and a certain amount were released into circulation.

When was the first Ike dollar coin made?

However, these coins never circulated widely in the United States but were used quite frequently in the casinos on the west coast of the United States. They were also called “Ike Dollars” after the late president’s popular nickname. The United States Mint minted them from 1971 through 1978.

Which is the rarest type of Ike dollar?

The 1972 Philadelphia Minted Ike Dollar Type 2 reverse is the rarest of all three varieties. This was created when a Proof reverse die was mistakenly used in August at the Philadelphia mint facility. This type was created from a single coin die and was used in only one production run.

When did they start making Brown Ike coins?

From 1971 through 1976, the mint produced special 40% silver composition Proof coins for collectors. These Proof coins were housed in hard plastic holders and placed in special brown boxes and are commonly referred to as “Brown Ikes.”

Are there any Ikes that are 40% silver?

This includes the 40% silver Ikes dated 1971-S, 1972-S, 1973-S, 1974-S, and 1976-S. Tricky Ikes: Only a small percentage of the total Eisenhower dollar mintage is 40% silver. Image source: Reddit user rddt1983