How old is Martine Beswick in real life?

How old is Martine Beswick in real life?

Martine Beswick is an Actress and model (more specifically – Movie Actress), Generally seen in Hollywood, Spanish, French Films and Shows. Who was born on Friday, 26 September, 1941 (Birthday), at Jamaica and Martine Beswick’s current age is 79 years, 11 month, 20 days (Updated Recently).

Where was Martine Beswick the second string goddess born?

Brunette bombshell and second-string goddess Martine Beswick (e) was born on September 26, 1941, to a British father and Portuguese/Japanese mother in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Some brief modeling and pageant entering came to be before seeking a career in films.

When did Martine Beswick change her last name?

Beginning with Melvin and Howard (1980), she changed the spelling of her last name to “Beswicke”, but reverted to her original name in the mid-1990s; her last credit with the longer spelling is Wide Sargasso Sea (1993).

Who was Martine Beswick in Last Tango in Paris?

English actress Martine Beswick during the filming of ‘Ultimo Tango a Zagarol’ , a parady of the film ‘Last Tango in Paris’, circa 1973. The film is… English model and actress, Martine Beswick pictured in character as Paula Caplan wearing a pink floral bikini, being attacked by frogmen armed with…

Who was Martine Beswick in from Russia with Love?

While finding roles on such British TV series as “Secret Agent,” “Love Story” and “Court Martial,” a minor break occurred for Martine in the James Bond “007” film series. Director Terence Young cast her twice — as the gypsy girl Zora in From Russia with Love (1963) and then as the doomed spy Paula in Thunderball (1965).

Who is Martine Beswick in Game of Thrones?

She occupied a ‘catfight’ scene with her adversary Vida (played by previous Miss Israel Aliza Gur). She was inaccurately charged as ‘Martin Beswick’ in the title arrangement.