How old is Steve Haines gta5?

How old is Steve Haines gta5?

Steve Haines is an FIB Agent that works with Dave Norton, and one of the two main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V….

Steve Haines
Death September 2013 (aged 38)
Status Deceased
Affiliations Dave Norton Andreas Sanchez
Height 6’3” (1.90 cm)

What happens if I pick Deathwish in GTA 5?

GTA 5 features three main characters: Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. If Franklin ends up killing Trevor, he will lose his closest friend and the hard-earned trust of his mentor. If Franklin kills Michael, he will lose his father-figure and his best friend’s trust.

Who plays Steve Haines GTA?

Robert Timothy Bogue
Robert Timothy Bogue (born August 27, 1964 in Minden, Nebraska) is an American actor, who played A.C. Mallet on Guiding Light from 2005 until the soap’s ending in 2009. He also voiced FIB Agent Steve Haines in Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 and main protagonist Red Harlow in Red Dead Revolver in 2004.

Is Troy Steve Haines?

Troy’s voice actor, Robert Bogue, also voices Steve Haines in GTA V. Coincidentally, Steve has his own reality show, The Underbelly Of Paradise, and Troy was also due to present a reality show.

How old is Brad in GTA 5?

Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Affiliation Michael De Santa Trevor Philips
Status Deceased (aged 40)

Who dies if you pick Deathwish on GTA 5?

This gives Franklin three options to choose from: Kill Trevor (A) Kill Michael (B) Deathwish (C)

How much money do you get if you pick Deathwish in GTA 5?

If you choose Death-wish, everyone lives, everyone gets 20 Million and you kill some other dudes instead. One thing to note though: If you choose to kill one or the other, they are obviously dead after the mission, and are unplayable, you simply can’t switch to them. So yeah, that’s that.

Who is Steve Haines based on?

director J. Edgar Hoover
This references real-life FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who also never married and lived with his mother until her death. His phone number is 3285550150. According to the Rush Casting Call, Haines’ beta name was “Mitch Hayes”.

Who plays the voice of Jimmy in GTA 5?

Danny Tamberelli is the voice of Jimmy De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V.

What is Agent 14’s real name?

Agent 14 is Agent Steve Haines. For the GTA Online Heist mission The Prison Break, and it’s setups, the person you are in contact with Agent 14. He never mentions his name, but many players have speculated that he is Agent Haines.

Who was Steve Haines and what did he do?

Haines was the supervisor of the FBI in Los Angeles and had his own team, but was infamously corrupt and was friends with billionaire Devin Weston, who was known for illegally stealing cars. Haines was murdered in 2013.

How old is Steve Haines from GTA 5?

Steven Haines was born in 1975 and joined the FIB in 1993. In the following years, he became such a highly decorated and high-ranked FIB special agent to the point that he was given leadership of his own FIB special unit and became the handler and boss of several well-known FIB special agents, including Andreas Sanchez and Dave Norton.

How did Franklin and Trevor take out Steve Haines?

Once both of them send their goons to take out the trio, the protagonists can ambush them and take them out. The plan is a success as Franklin, Michael and Trevor take out Haines’ corrupt FIB unit and Weston’s private Merryweather battalion, thus eliminating both Haines’ and Weston’s criminal muscle.

What did Steve Haines say about Michael de Santa?

So seeing as we’re all boys now, that makes it important to you.” — Steve Haines to Michael De Santa in Three’s Company.