How Tall is a VW Transporter in meters?

How Tall is a VW Transporter in meters?

Volkswagen Transporter Dimensions 2020

Volkswagen Transporter Height 1990mm
Volkswagen Transporter Ground clearance unladen 223mm
Volkswagen Transporter Wheelbase 3000mm
Volkswagen Transporter Weight 1717kg
Volkswagen Transporter Turning circle 11.9m

How long is a VW Transporter LWB?

VW Transporter T6 exterior dimensions

VW Transporter T6 size SWB Low roof LWB Medium roof*
Exterior length (mm) 4,892 5,292
Exterior height (mm) 1,990 2,176
Exterior width with mirrors (mm) 2,297 2,297
Exterior width without mirrors (mm) 1,904 1,904

How long is a VW camper van in Metres?

The VW Transporter T6. 1 is available in two lengths; Short Wheel Base – total length 4.9m. Long Wheel Base – total length 5.3m.

What is the difference between SWB and LWB VW Transporter?

All VW Transporters have a standard load width of , and this is reduced to between the wheelarches. The load height (the distance between the load deck and the roof) is 1,410mm on the low roof and 1,940mm on the high roof. N.B. Short wheelbase (SWB) = L1, long wheelbase (LWB) = L2, low roof = H1 and high roof = H2.

What are the dimensions of a VW T5 SWB?

The interior dimensions (length) of the Volkswagen Transporter – T5 cargo space is 92.6″ (L1). The interior width of the is 66.6″ and the exterior width is 75″. The interior height of the Transporter – T5 is 55.5″ (H1). The wheelbase lengths are 118.1″ (SWB), and 133.9″ (LWB).

How Tall is a VW van?

Second generation (T2; 1967)

Volkswagen Type 2 (T2)
Wheelbase 2,400 mm (94.5 in)
Length 4,505 mm (177.4 in)
Width 1,720 mm (67.7 in)
Height 1,940 mm (76.4 in)

How high is a VW Transporter t6?

Volkswagen T6 Transporter (2015–)

Length 4892–5292 mm
Width 1904–2283 mm
Height 1900–2476 mm
Load Volume 5.8–6.7 m3

What is the length of a VW T5 LWB?

VW Transporter T5 External dimensions

Model (click to view examples) Width including mirrors dimension External length dimension
VW Transporter – T5 SWB 2297mm 4904mm
VW Transporter – T5 LWB 2297mm 5304mm
VW Transporter – T5 SWB high roof 2297mm 4904mm
VW Transporter – T5 LWB high roof 2297mm 5304mm

How long is a VW T5 in meters?

How long is a T4 van in meters?

Volkswagen Transporter (T4)
Length 4,707 mm (185.3 in) ( swb ) 5,107 mm (201.1 in) ( lwb )
Width 1,840 mm (72.4 in)
Height 1,940 mm (76.4 in) (normal roof) 2,430 mm (95.7 in) (high roof)

What kind of engine does a Volkswagen Transporter T5 have?

Engines available on a Volkswagen T5 Transporter. The standard T5 engine choice is relatively simple. Pre-2009 the T5 was offered with a four-cylinder 1.9 TDI with either 84PS or and 102PS alongside a five-cylinder 2.5-litre unit with either 131PS or 174PS.

Which is better VW T5 Transporter 140PS or 102ps?

With 340Nm of torque on hand, the 140PS turbodiesel has considerably more oomph than the 102PS’s 250Nm and it’s not so far behind the 180PS motor’s 400Nm.

Which is the most reliable VW Transporter?

But the models we see most often are the VW T5 and VW T6. Transporters are ideal vehicles for conversion as they’re solid, reliable and they hold their value very well. In fact, the Transporter was voted the second most reliable van in the UK in the latest FN5O survey.

What kind of Van is a Volkswagen Transporter?

Volkswagen’s simple panel van version of the Transporter is the most common model, but it also gives rise to the crew cab, chassis cab, double chassis cab, a Shuttle minibus and even the California campervan.