How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Without Having Their Phone

Since its introduction back in 2007, the iPhone has grown to become one of the most popular smartphones across the globe. Nearly a third of the US population currently owns an iPhone. If you’re worried that your loved ones are interacting with strangers online, you might need to learn how to hack an iPhone remotely.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to hack someone’s iPhone without raising suspicion.

What Do We Mean by Hacking?

Hacking refers to the process of gaining unauthorized access to other people’s devices or computing systems. You can do it with mSpy iPhone no jailbreak that has easy access. Hackers are generally categorized into three major groups: white hat, black hat, and gray hat hackers.

Black hat hackers infiltrate systems with the malicious intention of blackmailing firms and individuals for financial gain. White hat hackers, on the other hand, are security professionals whose aim is to identify system vulnerabilities and fix them.

Gray-hats usually hack people’s devices in order to safeguard them from any perceived online threats. They usually don’t have any malicious criminal intent.

This article is specifically written for those readers who want to track their loved ones’ iPhone activity with a view to protecting them from hackers, online scams, and digital predators.

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Using mSpy

mSpy is a unique monitoring app that can be used to track someone else’s iPhone activity remotely. This app is incredibly affordable and discreet, allowing users to hack an iPhone without spooking them.

This app provides two distinct versions for monitoring your target user’s iOS device: jailbroken and jailbreak-free version.

A jailbroken iPhone simply refers to one whose file system has been modified to remove any manufacturer-imposed restrictions. You can install third-party apps on a jailbroken iOS device, customize its look and perform a variety of functions that you previously couldn’t.

The main difference between these two varieties is that mSpy’s jailbreak-free version offers limited features, whereas its jailbroken version allows users to access ALL of its hacking features.

You will also need physical access to the target device when installing mSpy on a jailbroken iPhone.

The main features found in mSpy’s jailbreak-free app version include:

  • iMessage monitor
  • Contacts and call logs viewer
  • Notes and events scanner
  • WhatsApp monitor
  • Browser history tracker
  • Wi-Fi networks scanner
  • Installed applications viewer

The main features found in mSpy’s jailbroken app version include:

  • Call log monitor
  • Social media tracker
  • iMessage monitor
  • Gallery viewer
  • GPS location tracker and geo-fencing tool
  • App viewer and blocker
  • Browser history monitor
  • Wi-Fi and email monitor
  • Calendar and contacts viewer
  • Screenrecorder
  • Keylogger

How to Protect Your iPhone From Hacking

In this day and age, anyone can learn how to hack into iPhone using some sophisticated tools. Luckily, there are several security measures you can implement to prevent hackers from accessing your iOS device.

Here are four tips to prevent remote hacking iPhone attempts:

1.     Use a VPN

Whenever you’re utilizing a public Wi-Fi network, ensure you’re using a virtual private network. VPNs keep you safe from random hackers, allowing you to surf the internet with ample peace of mind.

2.     Avoid Providing Your Personal Information

Some websites may request your private info when you’re shopping online or requesting digital resources. Therefore, it’s important to scrutinize the legitimacy of each site before sharing your data.

3.     Turn Off Bluetooth

Some hackers might use Bluetooth to spoof your connected devices and gain unauthorized access to your iPhone. Make sure that Bluetooth is switched off whenever you’re not using it.

4.     Set Up MFA

Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection since it offers you several login methods, making it much harder for anyone to hack your iPhone.


There are few tools that can help you hack someone’s iPhone discreetly. However, using an affordable spy app that’s tried, tested, and proven is the most reliable way to hack an iPhone. After much review, we’ve found mSpy to be the best iPhone monitoring software in the market.