How to use Kronos UCSB?

How to use Kronos UCSB?

To log into Kronos, go to and click the login button. Use the Central Authentication Service (CAS) to enter your UCSBNetID credentials, then click the “LOG IN” button to access Kronos.

What is Kronos timekeeping?

Kronos is an electronic timekeeping system that allows time entries to be entered though a web interface and/or terminal device, which has replaced manual time reporting process.

What is shoreline UCSB?

Welcome to Shoreline! The official campus engagement platform at UC Santa Barbara.

How does Kronos timekeeping work?

In order to maintain consistent time reporting, Kronos rounds clock punch times to the nearest 15‐minute mark. Anything within and including 7 minutes is rounded down to the nearest quarter hour. Anything 8 minutes or more from the quarter hour will round up to the next quarter hour.

How do you use shoreline at UCSB?

Log on to Shoreline using you UCSB credentials. Add your information, submit your registration, SEAL will review & approve within 2 business days. Once you’re approved, feel free to create and publicize events on Shoreline! Many departments are using the email and scheduling function.

Does UCSB have a club swim team?

Join our Team! Santa Barbara Swim Club (SBSC), a non-profit organization, is a year-round, comprehensive and competitive swim program serving Southern California athletes of all ages and levels of experience.

How does Kronos scheduling work?

Kronos® Workforce Scheduler™ gives managers the tools and information they need to plan accurately and execute intelligently. Workforce Scheduler’s powerful scheduling engine takes into account anticipated demand based on historical trends and creates schedules that automatically adjust your labor to meet that demand.

How do I check my meal swipes UCSB?

The card terminal at the register of Dining Commons will automatically look to see if you have a meal plan swipe available. If you ran out of meals, you can use Gaucho Bucks to pay for the additional meal. Meal Plans cannot be used off campus.

How does electronic timekeeping work at UCSB?

UCSB’s Electronic Timekeeping system gathers employees’ time and attendance information electronically and exports it to the campus payroll system. The system includes Kronos Workforce Central and the Timekeeping Manager Assignment Application (TMAA). To access the Electronic Timekeeping portal, visit .

Where can I get Kronos training for UCSB?

Access online Kronos training for new payroll managers & timekeepers in the UCLearning Center, along with documentation housed in the Knowledge Base Portal. Assign Access Control Numbers and configure manager visibility in TMAA. The UCSB VPN is required for those located off-campus.

What does Kronos campus Authentication Service ( CAS ) do?

Kronos uses the Campus Authentication Service (CAS), an enterprise Single Sign-On solution for web services. Single Sign-On is a session/user authentication process that allows a user to provide his or her credentials once in order to access all applications to which he or she has been authorized.

What do you need to know about electronic timekeeping?

Log in to Electronic Timekeeping Timekeeping is the process of tracking and reporting hours worked and leave time taken. Employees, supervisors, and payroll managers/timekeepers all have a vital role to play in the timekeeping process.