Is a Lutino Budgie rare?

Is a Lutino Budgie rare?

The albino and the lutino parakeet are fairly rare varieties of parakeets. These budgies can be found for purchase, although many times are seen with a higher purchase cost because of their rarity.

What is the rarest budgie color?

Anthracite parakeets, a dark charcoal grey color, is one of the rarest colors for a parakeet. Other rare colors can be rainbow, clearwing, and lacewing parakeets. These rare colors are caused by genetic mutations, so a rare color can become more and more common over time.

Where can I find a budgie breeder?

Another good resource for finding reputable breeders is to look online. There are several free breeder directories on the web that can help put you in touch with local breeders at the click of a mouse. Exotic bird clubs and aviculture societies can also be a great way to find good quality breeders.

How do you get lutino budgies?

Lutino Genetics Because two non-lutino birds can produce lutino babies, it is considered a recessive gene. In order to ensure a breeding pair of parakeets will produce lutinos, the bird breeder must mate two parakeets with visible lutino characteristics.

Do purple budgies exist?

Violet Budgie You can get blue and green budgies with the violet gene, but it’s most attractive with the blue Budgies. Sometimes, it can develop into very deep shades of violet coloration, known as visual violet.

Is it better to buy a bird from a breeder?

A breeder will cost less typically, and you may get a chance to follow along as your special baby grows up. On the other hand, there are reputable bird stores and I don’t see anything wrong with buying from them either.

Is it better to get a parakeet from a breeder?

Selecting your parakeet from a small breeder will guarantee you get a very young parakeet. Some home breeders hand feed the babies, and some let the parents deal with feedings but make sure the babies are introduced to humans as early as possible and are handled as frequently as is healthy for them.

How do you get a lutino parakeet?