Is Asfour Crystal good?

Is Asfour Crystal good?

Based in Egypt, Asfour crystal is generally between 24% – 30% lead oxide content and while not as expensive as Swarovski Strass, it is still crystal of a high quality. Asfour crystal is known for its precision cut, clarity and high level of refraction.

Where is Asfour Crystal made?

Asfour crystal is composed of 32% lead glass and manufactured in Egypt. Asfour produces first quality, machine cut crystal glass of sparkling clarity and flawlessness.

What is Egyptian crystal?

Gemcut, Egyptian, or Spectra lead crystal (made with 24%-30% lead oxide) is some of the finest refractive crystal. Though not as expensive as Strass or Swarovski crystal, this crystal is characterized by a prismatic brilliance, visual purity, sharp faceting and precise polishing all its own.

What is Egyptian Crystal?

What is K9 Crystal?

K9 glass, sometimes referred to as K9 crystal, is a variety of optical borosilicate crown glass. Its high refractive index (for a leaded glass) and exceptional clarity combined with low cost have made it desirable for chandeliers, lasers, telescopes, etc.

What is the most common type of crystal?

A couple variations of quartz, amethyst and citrine already appear on this list, but quartz in general is the most common type of crystal people search for.

How did ancient Egyptians use crystals?

The Ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health. Chrysolite (later translated as both topaz and peridot) was used to combat night terrors and purge evil spirits. Egyptians also used crystals cosmetically. Galena (lead ore) was ground to a powder and used as the eye shadow known as kohl.

What quality is K9 crystal?

K9 glass should be considered to be a higher quality than K5 glass. K9 glass is popular for a number of reasons: It is relatively cheap to make compared to real crystal; it has a relatively high refractive index and pretty good clarity properties. This type of glass can be polished as highly as crystal can be.

What are K9 crystals made of?

Borosilicate Crown
K9 Crystal (Chinese) It’s a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal and doesn’t usually require many incisions when cutting it down to the perfect shape. It’s also appreciated for its low dispersal properties. It’s made from glass borosilicate crown, and uses an optical crystal as opposed to lead oxide.