Is Bob James the most sampled artist?

Is Bob James the most sampled artist?

Pianist and composer Bob James may very well be the most sampled jazz musician in the history of hip-hop. Pieces of his now famous compositions like “Nautilus” and “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” have been endlessly loaded into MPCs, SP-1200s, and various other sampling devices for well over two decades.

How many times has Bob James Nautilus been sampled?

In the 46 years since the release of One, producers have interpolated or sampled “Nautilus” over 350 times. The prolific use of the song is a development that left James, whose entire catalog has been sampled a whopping 1500-plus times, stunned.

What is Bob James salary?

Bob James Net Worth: Bob James is an American musician, arranger, and producer who has a net worth of $15 million. Bob James was born in Marshall, Missouri in December 1939. Bob’s first piano teacher discovered that he had perfect pitch.

Who is the most sampled artist in hip hop music?

According to, the most influential artists in hip hop are:

  • James Brown – Sampled 7,451 times.
  • Public Enemy – Sampled 2,912 times.
  • Beside – Sampled 2,329 times.
  • Run-DMC – Sampled 2,046 times.
  • The Notorious B.I.G – Sampled 1,718 times.
  • Kool & The Gang – Sampled 1,564 times.
  • Jay Z – Sampled 1,484 times.
  • Eric B.

Who is the most sampled artist ever?

James Brown Got sampled 8300 times.

  • The Winstons Got sampled 5426 times.
  • Lyn Collins Got sampled 3285 times.
  • Public Enemy Got sampled 3208 times.
  • Beside Got sampled 2569 times.
  • Run-DMC Got sampled 2285 times.
  • The Notorious B.I.G. Got sampled 1973 times.
  • Michael Jackson Got sampled 1896 times.
  • What artist has sampled the most?

    According to WhoSampled, James Brown is the most sampled artist of all time. The website has used its extensive database of music to research the most sampled and covered artists and songs of all time.

    What artist has been sampled the most?

    What is the most sampled beat of all time?

    1 Amen, Brother – The Winstons Sampled 5425 times.

  • 2 Think (About It) – Lyn Collins Sampled 3029 times.
  • 3 Change the Beat (Female Version) – Beside Sampled 2569 times.
  • 4 Funky Drummer – James Brown Sampled 1729 times.
  • La Di Da Di – Doug E.
  • 6 Funky President (People It’s Bad) – James Brown Sampled 927 times.
  • How rich is George Benson?

    Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1943, George Benson started playing music professionally when he was 21 years old after a childhood full of performing….George Benson Net Worth.

    Net Worth: $5 Million
    Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist
    Nationality: United States of America

    Who is in the Bob James Trio?

    Bob James
    Ron Brooks
    Bob James Trio/Members

    What artist is sampled the most?

    James Brown
    James Brown is the most sampled artist in the world, and ‘Funky Drummer’ is perhaps his most popular sampled song.

    Who sampled the most songs?

    James Brown – Funky Drummer With Brown’s (and his band’s) music being sampled 7,413 times, he’s the most sampled artist in music.