Is Booneville AR a good place to live?

Is Booneville AR a good place to live?

Mostly safe place to raise a family, however there are not many job opportunities outside of Wal-mart and Rockline Industries. Drugs are a problem that plagues this are much like other small towns in the area.

What is there to do in Booneville AR?

Essential Booneville

  • Cowie Wine Cellars and Vineyards. Wineries & Vineyards.
  • Paris-Logan County Coal Miner’s Memorial. Historic Sites, Monuments & Statues.
  • Eiffel Tower Park Paris Arkansas. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Logan County Courthouse.
  • 2021.
  • Nook & Cranny Gifts and More.
  • Joe’s Salvage and Antiques.
  • Bell Park.

How big is Booneville?

3.96 mi²

Is Booneville Arkansas a safe place to live?

Booneville has moved from number 31 to number 24 according to’s sixth annual report on the safest cities in Arkansas. Down from 2.83 in last year’s ranking, Booneville reported 1.3 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, based on a population of 3,886, according to the report.

What is Booneville Arkansas known for?

Located in the Arkansas River Valley between the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains, the city is one of the oldest in western Arkansas. The city’s economy was first based upon the railroad and Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium….

Booneville, Arkansas
Country United States
State Arkansas
County Logan
Established 1828

What county is Booneville AR in?

Logan County

What’s the elevation of Booneville Arkansas?


How did Booneville AR get its name?

According to another theory, the town was named for Daniel Boone, a kinsman of the Logan family who settled in the area in the 1830s. In 1833, when Scott County, including what is now south Logan County, was formed from Crawford County, Booneville became the county seat.

How old is Booneville Arkansas?

Booneville (population 4,117) was founded in 1828 in Logan County, Arkansas.

Is Logan a county?

Logan County is a county located in the west central portion of the U.S. state of Ohio. As of the 2020 census, the population was 46,150. The county seat is Bellefontaine. The county is named for Benjamin Logan, who fought Native Americans in the area….Logan County, Ohio.

Logan County
Congressional district 4th

Who founded Booneville Arkansas?

Walter Cauthron
One of the oldest towns in western Arkansas, Booneville was founded about 1828, when Walter Cauthron built a log cabin and opened a store near the Petit Jean River in what was then Crawford County.

What is Logan County?

Logan County is a county located in the U.S. state of Colorado. As of the 2020 census, the population was 21,528. The county seat is Sterling. The county was named for General John A. Logan. Logan County comprises the Sterling, CO Micropolitan Statistical Area.