Is Cherrybrook Tech selective?

Is Cherrybrook Tech selective?

Last year, government selective high schools took out four of the top five positions. The first comprehensive government high schools to appear on the Herald’s list were Killara High School in 54th position and Cherrybrook Technology High School in 59th.

How many people go to Cherrybrook tech?

2,000 students
Background. Cherrybrook Technology High School is a comprehensive secondary school located in north-west Sydney. It is the largest public secondary school in NSW, with an enrolment of almost 2,000 students.

What time does Chatswood high school start?

Bell times

Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
0 7:50-8:50am 7:50-8:50am
Roll call 8:50-9am 8:50-9am
Period 1 9-9:55am (55) 9-10:05am (65)
Period 2 9:55-10:50am (55) 10:05-11:05am

What is the biggest high school in Australia?

Haileybury College
Total Enrolments: 4054 The largest high school in Australia is Haileybury College as well. This school implements small class teaching.

What is the biggest school in Sydney?

In 2008, Cherrybrook Technology High School achieved a peak enrolment of 1993 students, making it the largest public comprehensive secondary school in NSW and one of the largest schools in Australia.

Is cherrybrook a good suburb?

Cherrybrook is a very leafy suburb and you feel isolated when living here; aside from the diversity, I think this is the best part about Cherrybrook. Greenway Park is fantastic, it really adds to the community vibe here. If you go on walks often enough you run into familiar faces.

Is cherrybrook a rich area?

With a median unit price of $1,025,000, Cherrybrook is higher than New South Wales’ median unit price of $695,600. When it comes to renting, the Cherrybrook median unit rental price per week is $580 which makes renting more expensive than New South Wales’ average of $460.

Is Chatswood High School a selective school?

Chatswood High School has a proud tradition of gifted education and offers a Selective Stream and a Gifted and Talented class in response to the Department of Education & Training’s priority policies on Gifted and Talented Children and Accelerated Progression.

What is the largest high school in Sydney?