Is Connexus and Aqua Finance the same?

Is Connexus and Aqua Finance the same?

Though your loan was purchased by Connexus, your loan payments will still be made to Aqua Finance. View your payment options to get started.

What is Aqua Finance on my credit report?

Aqua Finance looks beyond the numbers It can help a lender determine how creditworthy the person is and provides a basis to determine how much, and at what rate, the person can reasonably afford to borrow.

Is Aqua finance a secured loan?

What Is Aqua Finance? Aqua Finance ( is a consumer financing company that assists contractors and dealers alike in securing financing programs that their customers can access to fund their projects. However, the company has since gone on to expand its services.

Is connexus secure safe?

Connexus Secure is a one-click secure real-time solution that captures and validates key banking information required to conduct frictionless ACH or Check payments. The alliance combines the powerful functionality of the two offerings, significantly reducing chargebacks and fraud to protect customers’ revenue.

Is connexus a good credit union?

The Connexus money market account was named best overall credit union money market account on Forbes Advisor’s Best Money Market Accounts of 2021.

Does Aqua Finance report to credit bureaus?

In response to credit reporting, Aqua Finance, Inc. is required by law under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to report correctly to the credit bureaus how the account is in standing. If you have any further questions you may contact our office at 1-800-234-3663 ext. 6091.

What does Aqua Finance do?

Aqua Finance provides fast, flexible financing programs to a variety of different industries, including: Water Treatment , Home Improvement, HVAC, Marine, RV, Powersports and more. We develop our programs around your customer’s needs and approve more customers than other lenders.

What credit score do you need for Aqua Finance?

How can my customer qualify for premier customer pricing? Your customer qualifies for premier customer pricing if one or both (if applicable) has a FICO score of 675 or higher on their credit report pulled by Aqua Finance at the time of the approval.

Is connexus a bank?

NerdWallet Names Connexus a Top Credit Union of 2021 Personal finance website NerdWallet has named Connexus a Top Credit Union in their list of Best Banks and Credit Unions of 2021.

Is Connexus Credit Union federally insured?

Safe & secure. Your money is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000.

Who is Connexus Credit Union?

Connexus Credit Union is a full-service credit union based in Wisconsin. It offers a variety of banking products, including checking and savings accounts.

What kind of credit score do you need for Aqua Finance?

How to become a member of Connexus credit union?

You recently took out a loan with our partner Aqua Finance. Within your financing agreement, you authorized your loan to be assigned to Connexus, requiring you to become a credit union member. To become a member of any credit union, you must have a savings account.

Where do I go to pay my Connexus loan?

Pay My Credit Card Connexus Credit card payments can be made by visiting Elan Financial Services’ credit card account portal. Credit Card Payment Login

How much is a Connexus share savings account worth?

Since credit unions are owned by their members, this account represents your ownership in Connexus Credit Union. You will notice your new Connexus share savings account currently has a balance of $5.

How can I pay my Aqua finance loan?

We accept checks and money orders for payment in full on your loan. You may also pay over the phone with your checking account information. We do not accept credit cards to pay in full at this time, but you may contact your credit card company to a cut a check directly to us to satisfy your loan.