Is Depthness a word?

Is Depthness a word?

The word depthness does not technically exist within the English lexicon. Here’s a list of synonyms for comprehensiveness.

What does Depthness mean?

the property of being very deep; without limit. type of: depth. the extent downward or backward or inward. the extent downward or backward or inward. synonyms: depth.

Is thesaurus and dictionary are the same?

Thesaurus. A dictionary is a collection of words along with their meaning, definition and description of usage. A thesaurus presents words as “word families,” listing their synonyms without explaining their meanings or usage.

What is other name of depth?

In this page you can discover 85 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for depth, like: deepness, profundity, chasm, bottom of the sea, distance backward, measure, distance inward, extent, insight, lowness and drop.

What does adeptness mean?

adjective. very skilled; proficient; expert: an adept juggler. noun ad·ept [ad-ept, uh-dept] a skilled or proficient person; expert.

What does Profoundity mean?

1a : intellectual depth. b : something profound or abstruse. 2 : the quality or state of being profound or deep. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About profundity.

What does it mean when something has depth?

1 : measurement from top to bottom or from front to back a cupboard’s depth. 2 : a place far below a surface or far inside something (as a sea or a forest) Some unusual fish live at great depths. 3 : the middle of time the depth of winter. 4 : intensity sense 2 a depth of color No one can imagine the …

What is the meaning of dictionary and thesaurus?

noun, plural dictionary and thesauruses, dictionary and thesauri. a dictionary that includes a separate section listing terms with synonyms and antonyms. An online reference site, such as, provides immediate electronic access to several dictionaries and a thesaurus as well as to other reference sources.

What is the difference between a dictionary encyclopedia and thesaurus?

What’s the difference between a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia? A dictionary is a list of words from A to Z and their meanings. A thesaurus is a list of synonyms (words similar in meaning) and antonyms (opposite words). An encyclopedia has alphabetical articles on all subjects.

What is another word for more in depth?

What is another word for more in-depth?

completer fuller
more comprehensive more thorough
more exhaustive more encyclopedicUS
more extensive more universal
more compendious more inclusive

What is another word for depth in measurement?

What is another word for depth?

deepness drop
lowness distance
expanse fathomage
measure distance downwards
deepest part distance inwards

What does deepness mean?

• DEEPNESS (noun) The noun DEEPNESS has 3 senses: 1. the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas. 2. the quality of being physically deep. 3. a low pitch that is loud and voluminous. Familiarity information: DEEPNESS used as a noun is uncommon.

What is the definition of depth in math?

Depth in Mathematics. In math, the distance between the nearest end and farthest end of an object is its depth.

What is the depth measurement?

Commonly abbreviated as D, depth is a measurement of how far back a three dimensional object is. For example, in the illustration to the right, the Z-axis would be a representation of depth. Measurements of an object, such as a computer printer, are commonly given in (D x W x H), which is short for Depth by Width by Height.