Is falsies a good mascara?

Is falsies a good mascara?

I really like this mascara. It is one of the best mascaras I use. It was very easy to apply and to take off, but the only problem that I had was trying to curl my lashes. I usually do not put more than 2 layers of mascara on my lashes every time I use mascara, but this time I did more than two layers.

Is Maybelline Falsies a mascara?

Falsies Lash Lift Mascara is a lifting mascara that delivers dramatic length and volume – a lash lift look in a tube!

Is Maybelline Falsies Waterproof?

Product Description. Go glam with The Falsies lash effect! The unique and flexible wand helps to lift and separate, delivering the look of bigger, thicker and fuller eyelashes. The Kera-fiber waterproof and smudge-proof formula has been ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Who makes Maybelline mascara?


Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Headquarters Manhattan, New York City U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people Trisha Ayyagari, President (Global) Alanna McDonald, President (US)
Parent L’Oréal

Which is the cheapest mascara for false lash?

The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara was recommended by several big YouTubers. It is one of the cheapest mascaras you can find, and when I first put it on, I was seriously impressed. It has a traditional bristled brush that is not too large and tapers at the end.

Do you need falsies for volumizing Mascara?

Most volumizing mascaras are too thick and mushy. They weigh down my very thin lashes. Lengthening mascaras give me lift but don’t fix the frail lash problem. The right falsies can make all the difference, but they do require… commitment to say the least.

Which is the better Mascara Maybelline or lash Paradise?

Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift is another mascara I use to use a couple years ago. It has a traditional bristled brush that is similar to the Lash Paradise but slightly skinnier. This one creates a lot of volume (similar to Lash Paradise), but is definitely more eye-opening and lifting than the Lash Paradise.

How do I get my lashes to stand up?

To get my stubborn lashes to stand straight up, I comb the mascara inward through my lashes toward the direction of my nose. Make sure to not pump your wand into your mascara. Pushing in air will cause it to dry out much more quickly.