Is indochino high quality?

Is indochino high quality?

Indochino started out with suits but has since expanded to shirts, blazers, outerwear, chinos, and more. We’ve tested many styles from Indochino over the years, and have found everything to be of great quality and value. It’s our most recommended place to get made-to-measure clothing.

Can you buy off the rack at indochino?

A custom suit from Indochino, fully personalized to your fit and style, costs only $399—the same price that you would pay for an untailored off-the-rack suit. By using quality materials and precise tailoring, Indochino makes affordable suits that feel premium.

Are indochino suits glued?

Instead of a high quality canvas, a fusible interlining is glued to the suit. This generally fulfils the same job, it keeps the jacket’s shape, but it can also look rather unnatural and appear stiff.

Do indochino suits have stretch?

Thanks to its unique stretch weave, the Milano is as flexible as a suit with elastic polymers–without using a single thread of synthetic fiber. So whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, or literally climbing a ladder–this suit can take it.

Where is indochino fabric sourced?

Every garment produced by INDOCHINO is made in Dayang’s factory in Dalian, China, which is held to the highest production standards in the world. Each garment is individually made according to the customer’s measurements and personalization preferences.

How much is indochino worth?

Indochino Suit Review Summary Indochino custom suits are worth the price when they are on sale, you can typically find them around $300. The process will take at least 2 months and it could take even longer.

How long does it take to get suit from INDOCHINO?

3-4 weeks
Indochino garments are made-to-order and shipped in 3-4 weeks via DHL. We offer free shipping on orders over $150 in the USA & Canada and over $165 in Australia.

Can you buy a suit same day?

If they can’t do alterations quickly, buy the suit and take it to your dry cleaner. Most of them do alterations the same day. Nothing too flashy. Standard suit (a tie wouldn’t hurt, but probably not necessary unless you’re in a conservative part of the country), dress shirt, and shoes.

What is a fused suit?

Suit fusing is a non-woven textile made of polymers used to strengthen jackets. It helps a jacket keep shape after being pressed, gives weight so it carries well on the body, and strengthens the cloth.

What is a Tipton suit?

All our suit jackets are half canvassed for greater versatility and superior shape for your body. Each jacket also features fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads and high quality collar felts.

Is indochino sustainable?

Does Indochino consider sustainability or environmental friendliness a top priority? Compared to traditional off the rack clothing companies, our process is inherently more environmentally friendly. Our products are made-to-order so we’re not sitting on clothing that needs to be disposed of if it doesn’t sell.

How to get the best fit for an Indochino suit?

Getting measured in an Indochino store can be very beneficial since they use their try-on garments to get a more accurate fit. Once you lock down the right fit for your Indochino suit, shop after seasons for major sales. Take advantage of all the custom details that Indochino offers, which are included in the price of the custom suit

Are there any horror stories about Indochino Suits?

They reached too high, flew too close to the sun too quickly, and got burned. A brief search on the web will turn up countless horror stories about Indochino suits that fit terribly, inconsistent sizing from one order to the next, cheap materials and build quality and construction, and poor fabric choices and matching.

What does it mean to shop with Indochino?

Shopping with Indochino is personal, customized and tailored: customers get to experience what it’s like to be a designer when they create their own garments. As a customer, you will select from hundreds of fabrics. It doesn’t stop there— you have the opportunity to design lapels, pockets, linings, buttons and monograms.

How much does a Hemsworth Indochino suit cost?

The suit includes fully canvassed lapels, lightweight shoulder pads, bullhorn buttons and high-quality collar felts. The Hemsworth Suit in Light Blue is also a top seller. This shade is versatile: the solid colour makes it a classic, while the light blue hue offers a style statement. Indochino luxury suits cost $599-$669.