Is Lulu an AP?

Is Lulu an AP?

Lulu has AP scalings on all of her abilities, and 0 AD scaling. So, it must mean that she should be played AP. She also doesn’t have any steroids to boost her AD, in fact her passive itself scales with AP.

What should I build for Lulu?

Lulu Item Build

  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
  • Moonstone Renewer.
  • Ardent Censer.
  • Staff of Flowing Water.
  • Redemption.
  • Shard of True Ice.

Is Lulu a Tanky?

She can protect allies and disable enemies with CC, as every single one of her abilites (not couting her passive) is useful for both offense and defense. For those reasons I play Lulu as a full tank with high CDR, allowing for deep, prolonged teamfight influence and extreme survivability.

What kind of support is Lulu?

Lulu is a Utility Support, she has a few different abilities that can be used to protect her carries and she is really effective at it. 2) She has a lot of poke potential. As she is ranged and has poke abilities, she can do a lot of damage in the laning phase. This is especially true if she’s against melee champions.

Is Lulu an ad?

AD Lulu is meant to be a second ADC for your team. You may want to play her when you feel that your team can use the extra damage, when you have a tanky jungler, or when you have a support who can peel for all the carries.

Is Lulu good mid?

In conclusion, Lulu is really strong at early game against mid lane champs, except some assassins. But, on mid/late game she can’t do too much damage as at early game, so she turns out to a support at it.

Is Lulu good league of legends?

Lulu is usually fairly strong in lane, in my experience. I don’t main support, but Nami and Lulu are my 2 most played supports. She has a decent auto range (550), does bonus magic damage on her autos, and can poke with Q, while shielding with her E.

Why is Lulu’s tier?

League of Legends: Lulu’s Rapid Ascent to the Support S Tier Despite only having a 51.44% win rate on Patch 10.10 and enchanter supports being relatively underpowered in the current meta, Lulu has rapidly risen up the tier list and firmly established herself in the S tier on Patch 10.13.

What is Lulus role?


What Lane does Lulu?

League of Legends Wild Rift Lulu is a Enchanter Champion commonly played in the Dragon Lane as Support. When playing this Support in the Dragon Lane, we rank it as a S-Tier pick.

Can a fed aphelios be a good support for Lulu?

The few Aphelios I got in game as allies were pretty good and as Lulu I could speed them and give them attack speed and save him from assassins at the same time. I can easily say that a fed Aphelios can win a game with a decent support behind. I’m sorry I haven’t much info about everything else like laning phase or teamfights.

What’s the passive of Lulu in League of Legends?

Pix, Faerie Companion (Passive) : Lulu passive is Pix, Pix fires 3 bolts that deal damage at anyone/anything that Lulu is targetting.

What do Lulu and Pix do in RuneScape?

Lulu and Pix each fire a magic bolt towards the target direction. The bolts deal magic damage and slow the targets the bolts pass through. The full damage is taken by the first target only though, the remaining targets take reduced magic damage. Enemy Cast: Transforms the target into a harmless squirrel.

How does Lulu use glitterlance in League of Legends?

Glitterlance (Q): Lulu and Pix both fire a magic bolt towards the target dealing damage and slowing them for 80%, if the target is damaged by both bolts then there will be 25$ bonus damage and the slow duration is refreshed. This skill may be used to poke targets, or slow targets when engaging as well as being used to push lane.