Is Nagle College a good school?

Is Nagle College a good school?

Please avoid if you can….

School sector: Non-government
ICSEA value: 1037, ranks No.1055 More ICSEA Ranking…
ICSEA distribution: Bottom quarter Middle quarters Top quarter 24% 23% 38% 15%
HSC rank: No.232 (2015), No.342 (2014), No.241 (2013), No.478 (2011)

When did Nagle College Blacktown open?

Along with the help from the Presentation Sister, the college was named after their founder, Nano Nagle, opening its doors in 1965 under the leadership of Mary Alphonsus Thearle. When it first opened, the school was made up of two classes, year 7 and 9 and one class of year 10 students.

When did Nagle college start?


Nagle College
Established 1958
Founders Presentation Sisters
Principal Neville Powles

What did Nano Nagle do?

Honora “Nano” Nagle (1718 – 26 April 1784) was a pioneer of Catholic education in Ireland despite legal prohibitions. She founded the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM), commonly known as the Presentation Sisters, now a worldwide Catholic order of women religious.

Who is Nano Nagle and what did she do?

By the time of her death Nano Nagle had educated thousands of children, overseen the building of two convents, brought the Ursuline Sisters to Ireland and founded her own order of nuns. In her time Nagle was innovative, tenacious and a pioneer, setting out on a path that many thousands would later follow.

What did Nano Nagle do to help the poor?

Nano Nagle and her sister aided the poor as best they could. Nano rented a small cabin in Cork, gathered the ragged, poor children around her and, braving the risk of the Penal laws, she taught them the basics of their Catholic faith.

What did Nano Nagle do for the poor?

Between the early 1750s and her death in 1784 Nano Nagle established schools in Cork to educate poor Catholic children, brought the Ursuline Sisters to Ireland and founded her own religious order, the Presentation Sisters, which at its height had over 500 schools across the world educating in excess of 20,000 students.

What has Nano Nagle done?

What is Nano Nagle remembered for?

NANO NAGLE, the Irish woman who founded the Presentation Order of nuns in 1777 and whose death occurred 225 years ago yesterday, has been remembered at a special jubilee Mass in Cork.

Who did Nano Nagle help?

What did Nano Nagle do for Ireland?

How did Nano Nagle influence others?

Nano Nagle inspired Edmund Ignatius Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers, to bring education to the poor. Having opened her first classroom in the slums of Cork city, Nagle built a network of schools that became the template for Catholic education in the country.