Is Nike Fuel Band discontinued?

Is Nike Fuel Band discontinued?

As part of those efforts, as of April 30, 2018, we retired services for legacy Nike wearable devices, such as the Nike+ FuelBand and the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, and previous versions of apps, including Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club version 4.

Does the Nike Fuel band tell time?

The FuelBand is more limited but it can tell time, track steps taken, and calories burned. Both devices sync with apps on the iPhone. Nike says the whole point of the FuelBand is to promote activity. (Presumably, activity leads to buying more Nike sneakers.)

Can you still set up Nike+ FuelBand?

You can do so by visiting After you have installed and launched the app, you will be prompted to connect your FuelBand to your computer. You can do so by either plugging it directly into your USB port, or using the USB cable and dock provided with your FuelBand.

Why did the FuelBand fail?

The Fuel Band was a failed product after less than three years. Retrospectives in the trade press have attributed the failure to competition, the challenge of focusing on new areas like software, and the lack of clear understanding of consumer motivations to embrace wearable tech.

What does Nike fuel band do?

The Nike+ FuelBand was an activity tracker worn on the wrist and compatible with iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. As part of the Quantified Self movement, the FuelBand allows its wearers to track their physical activity, steps taken daily, and amount of energy burned.

How do I turn on my Nike FuelBand after charging?

Once your battery is charged, unplug Nike+ FuelBand from your computer, put it on, and get moving! 2. Push the pin into the hole on the 8mm link to release it from the clasp.

How do I setup my Nike FuelBand 2020?

Hold down the button on your FuelBand until you see the Bluetooth icon show up, then let go, then press the button again. The icon should start blinking, alerting you to the fact the FuelBand is now discoverable. You can now pair the band with your iPhone the same way you would any other Bluetooth accessory.

What does a Nike fuel band do?