Is Ramair any good?

Is Ramair any good?

The Ramair wins in terms of bang for your buck, as it’s about half the price of the ITG and there’s no special cleaning process required, just a soapy wash and letting it dry. For a performance filter for someone in a dusty environment, the ITG is a good compromise between filtration and performance for sure.

Are induction kits bad for your engine?

an induction kit will not cause an engine to seize, just think how many aftermarket induction kits are bought just on meg and how many times you have heard of an engine starting to seize as a result. your possible engine/gasket failure is a result of a problem elsewhere.

Do induction kits make a difference?

With an induction kit, although it won’t make you faster, you will get a louder/better noise as you can really hear the engine breathe, which is, of course, desirable for a lot of people. My advice is just to keep your paper filter regularly changed and not worry about a high-flow filter.

Does an induction kit add horsepower?

Induction kits are usually large aftermarket air filters with meters of twisted pipes connecting them to the throttle. So, merely installing a workshop made aluminum/ steel/ plastic box between the throttle and the filter will not gain u loads of horsepower.

Do pipercross panel filters work?

Probably the easiest first modification you could do to any car, Pipercross replacement panel filters are a great first step in helping your car breath more freely. This means that from service to service, the filter retains full breathing potential and isn’t slowed down by a build-up of dirt.

Do ram air filters need oil?

Cleaning your filter will ensure it lasts and performs as it should. You should never use engine oil, cotton guaze filter oil or any other oil not specifically designed for foam air filters. You should follow the instructions on any product you choose to purchase.

Does a Induction Kit use more fuel?

Oh, and the reason the induction kit could have resulted in fuel consumption rising is that, like most induction kits, it doesn’t actually work. So you used more throttle and more fuel just to do the same as you were doing before.

Do you have to tell insurance about induction kit?

As for your question, yes you do have to declare it.

What is the benefit of an induction kit?

An induction kit usually refers to the components used to replace the standard air box and cold air feed to the engine. Pipercross specialises in performance intakes of which the main function is to improve a vehicles performance, by improving its ability to feed cold fresh air to where the car needs it most.

Do K&N panel filters make a difference?

Turns Out High-Performance Air Filters Actually Do Give You More Power. He finds that on the dyno, the aftermarket filters do in fact make more than the OEM unit, with the most gains produced by the K&N filter (around four horsepower and five lb. -ft. of torque, or around 2.6 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively).