Is Russell Wilson being traded to Chicago?

Is Russell Wilson being traded to Chicago?

After reports that the Seattle Seahawks rejected the Chicago Bears’ offer, ESPN’s Adam Schefter continued to report that Wilson staying in Seattle isn’t a done deal.

Is Wilson getting traded?

But that happy ending doesn’t mean he wasn’t about to be peppered with questions regarding the drama. “I did not request a trade. I’ve always wanted to play here,” Wilson said. “There was a lot of people, there was a whole thing saying I requested a trade, and that’s just not true,” Wilson said.

Is the Bears trying to get Russell Wilson?

They discussed it. Yesterday, they decided, specifically coach Pete Carroll, 70 years old, does not want to rebuild, decided we are not trading Russell Wilson to the Bears.”

What did Chicago offer Seattle for Russell Wilson?

It was previously reported that the Chicago Bears offered the Seattle Seahawks three first-round picks, a third-round pick, and two starters for quarterback Russell Wilson.

Who is on Russell Wilson’s trade list?

These four teams are on Russell Wilson’s preferred trade list and could dangle some of these assets in any potential trade offer….Las Vegas Raiders

  • QB Derek Carr.
  • OT Trent Brown.
  • 2021 first-round pick (17)
  • 2021 second-round pick (48)
  • 2022 first-round pick.
  • 2022 second-round pick.
  • 2023 first-round pick.

Is DRW a public company?

DRW Trading Group is a proprietary electronic trading firm based in Chicago. The firm was founded in 1992 by Don Wilson, an options trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and was named after his initials: DRW….DRW Trading Group.

Type of business Private
Key people Don Wilson
Industry Finance
Current status Active

What were the Bears willing to trade for Russell Wilson?

According to Dan Patrick, the Bears made an all-world offer for Wilson, willing to part with three first-round picks, a third-rounder and two starting players for the Pro Bowl QB, but the Seahawks don’t seem open to moving him.

Where was Russell Wilson traded to?

New York Jets get Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in draft trade proposal – Sports Illustrated New York Jets News, Analysis and More.