Is the 2012 BMW 3 Series a good car?

Is the 2012 BMW 3 Series a good car?

Reviewers agreed that the 3-Series offers a superb combination of ride comfort and nimble handling. They added that the car has strong brakes and feels planted to the road, making it a delight to drive. Reviewers agreed that the 2012 BMW 3-Series’ interior has high-quality materials and detailed styling.

Is a 2012 BMW a reliable car?

Great luxury vehicle with great quality and reliability. BMW always known for its quality and performance. The vehicle has high reliability and also comfortable.

How long does a 2013 BMW last?

The BMW 3 Series can last between 200,000 – 250,000 miles when properly maintained and driven conservatively. If you drive 15,000 miles per year it will last approximately 13 – 17 years before requiring expensive and uneconomical repairs.

Are 3 series reliable?

Is the BMW 3 Series Reliable? The 2021 3 Series has a predicted reliability score of 76 out of 100. A J.D. Power predicted reliability score of 91-100 is considered the Best, 81-90 is Great, 70-80 is Average, and 0-69 is Fair and considered below average.

What is the difference between F30 and F31?

What is the difference between BMW F30 and F31 or F34? F30 refers to the standard four-door sedan. Sharing the same platform is the F31 wagon (also known as the 3 Series Touring), and the F34 3 Series Gran Turismo, a five-door hatchback with a sloping, coupe-style fastback.

How many miles will BMW last?

While most BMW’s can last between 100,000 – 250,000 miles, high mileage is actually considered slightly lower than this. Most dealers will avoid stocking BMW’s that are above 100,000, and some even consider 60-80,000 to be high mileage for these cars.

Will BMW last 15 years?

A BMW will easily last 150-200,000 miles if it is properly cared for and maintained. If you drive the national average of 13,500 miles, a BMW should last at least 10- 15 years. That said, there are many reports of BMW owners with 200,000+ miles on the clock without experiencing any major problems.

What year 3 Series is the most reliable?

What Year is the Most Reliable BMW 3 Series? Among long-term car owners, it is generally agreed that the most dependable Series since the E46 is the F30, between 2012 and 2018. The F30 may be the most reliable Series since the E46, but it may not feel as solidly constructed as some of the old versions.

What kind of car is the 2012 BMW 3 series?

2012 BMW 3 Series models The 2012 BMW 3 Series is available in sedan, coupe, hardtop convertible and wagon body styles. The coupe, convertible and wagon belong to the previous-generation body style, whereas the sedan is an all-new model. Every body style starts off in 328i guise.

When does the new BMW 3 series come out?

Going forward, the new sedan makes its debut first, after which BMW will fill in the coupe, convertible and wagon gaps. The first iteration of an all-new, sixth-generation 3 Series – the 328i Sedan – lands in U.S. showrooms by February or March of 2012, but demand for the current generation shows no signs of abating.

What kind of engine does a BMW 3 series have?

Pre-owned BMW 3 Series Coupe models are available with a 3.0 L-liter gas engine, with output up to 300 hp, depending on engine type. The Used 2012 BMW 3 Series Coupe comes with rear wheel drive, and all wheel drive. Available transmissions include: 6-speed manual.

Is the BMW 3 Series a 4 door?

To that end, the existing models benefit from little more than fine-tuning. Notably, as of 2012 the M3 4-door is no more; this is a 3 Series variant those wanting to travel at 150 mph (with their kids) will certainly miss. Going forward, the new sedan makes its debut first, after which BMW will fill in the coupe, convertible and wagon gaps.