Is the dumping ground for kids?

Is the dumping ground for kids?

The Dumping Ground is a British children’s drama series.

Is the dumping ground a true story?

The Dumping Ground follows the lives of children living in Ashdene Ridge, a fictional foster home and is filmed in the North East. This is an exclusive chance for fans to meet the stars of the show and see the first episode of the brand new series before it is aired in early 2015.

What age is the dumping ground suitable for?

six to 12-year-olds
by Deborah Wain In an age of unprecedented competition for children’s attention, the BBC is enjoying considerable success with its latest social-care set drama aimed at six to 12-year-olds.

Where can u watch the dumping ground?

BBC iPlayer – The Dumping Ground.

Is Tracy Beaker realistic?

What seems apparent from these comments is that there is a conflict between the lived experience and the fictional story. The Tracy Beaker novels and TV series are written or rather set up with a particular conflict that is resolved either at the end of a chapter or episode more often idealistic rather than realistic.

Are LOL and bouncer Welsh?

And when half of the accents in the Dumping Ground were Welsh – Lol and Bouncer, Crash and The Wellards to name a few – it was unsurprising that the Dumping Ground might be located in the Welsh capital. It turns out the house still exists in all its glory down Station Road, Llanishen, Cardiff.

What city is Tracy Beaker set in?

It ran on CBBC for five series, from 2002 to 2006 and also contained a feature-length episode, Tracy Beaker: The Movie of Me, broadcast in 2004, as well as a week of interactive episodes for Children in Need….The Story of Tracy Beaker (TV series)

The Story of Tracy Beaker
Production locations Ealing, London (Series 1) Cardiff, Wales (Series 2–5)

What age group is CBBC for?

Children aged 6-15 years old use the CBBC website. This means you cannot discuss topics that younger children may find upsetting, for example illness or violence. Comments about romance will also not pass moderation.