Is the specialized pitch a good bike?

Is the specialized pitch a good bike?

The specialized pitch mountain bike is a great bike to take on really rough terrain. Coming with a wide range of gearing and shimano components to ensure that riders have a hitch free ride, the bike was definitely built for the mountainside.

How much does a specialized pitch cost?

$750.00. A mountain bike is freedom: the ability to pick a spot on the map and say, “Let’s go there,” or maybe go off the map altogether. With a lightweight frame, responsive front suspension, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes, the Pitch 27.5 is your perfect adventure partner…

How much travel does a specialized pitch have?

All models of the Specialized Pitch are fitted with an SR Suntour suspension fork. Suspension travel is size specific, so the Small and Extra Small frame sizes get 80mm of travel while the other models have 100mm.

What type of bike is Specialized Pitch?

mountain bike
The 2019 Specialized Pitch is a confidence inspiring mountain bike with 27.5″ wheels, chunky tyres and SR Suntour suspension forks, the perfect first mountain bike.

Is the specialized pitch 27.5 good?

This is for the base Pitch 27.5. Have about 200 miles on it so far. Excels on groomed bike and rail trails. Good on roads though might be nicer on hilly areas to have 9 speed rear rather than 8 speed it comes with….clark.

OVERALL RATING 4 ★★★★ ★★★★★
VALUE RATING 5 ★★★★★ ★★★★★

Did specialized discontinue the pitch?

Specialized, however, is clearly excited about its latest Rockhopper, a bike that it says has been designed afresh, with ‘dialled up performance’ and an eye on value too. Specialized has taken the Rockhopper and Pitch models and merged them for model year 2021, and in doing so has broadened the model with eight (!)

What is specialized pitch?

The Pitch Sport is made to explore beyond, with a sturdy aluminum frame, smooth-riding front suspension, grippy tires for loose surfaces, and sure-stopping hydraulic disc brakes to keep you under control… Pitch Sport. Note: This profile prompts automatically to screen-readers.

How many gears does a specialized pitch have?

But the Pitch Sport is in touch with its feelings too offering a ride that’s as comfortable as it is durable thanks to a lightweight proprietary alloy and Sport Trail 27.5 Geometry for sure handling. The 16-speed Shimano drivetrain gives you the right gear anytime.

Is the specialized pitch a trail bike?

The 2020 Specialized Pitch 27.5 is a Enduro and Trail Aluminium / Alloy mountain bike. It sports 27.5″ wheels, has SR Suntour suspension and a Shimano drivetrain. TOP TO BOTTOM QUALITY The Pitch’s sure-handling Sport Trail 27.5 Geometry provides unrivaled stability.

What happened to the specialized pitch?

Specialized Pitch Sport underwent a round of revisions – updates to the geometry and layout that dramatically improved handling and standover clearance. For 2019, the bike remains largely unchanged, but the price has crept up by £25.