Is there a Spanish version of Breaking Bad?

Is there a Spanish version of Breaking Bad?

Metástasis (meaning “metastasis” in Spanish) is a Colombian television series telenovela, Spanish-language remake of the crime drama Breaking Bad that transposes the events of the original from the United States to Colombia.

What languages is Breaking Bad dubbed in?

All episodes of Breaking Bad, dubbed in German. This series seems like a good option for people just entering the intermediate stage for a few reasons: if you’ve seen the series, the content is familiar and interesting.

Which episode is I am the one who knocks?

Now in S4 E6 (the episode of the ‘I am the one who knocks’ scene), he’s grown into something completely different, both personally & mentally.

Does Breaking Bad have a Spanish dub?

Metastasis, the buzzed-about Spanish-language adaptation of Breaking Bad, debuted on Netflix Monday — complete with subtitles for non-Spanish speakers. The Colombian drama is an episode-by-episode remake of the AMC series, and it aired five days a week last year on Univision and sister networks to general praise.

Is Breaking Bad in Spanish on Netflix?

One of my favorite TV shows of all time, Breaking Bad is available on Netflix and it has Spanish and English audio and subtitles available.

Who said I am the one who knocks?

Tonight, as thousands of Breaking Bad fans will tell you, the one who knocks is Walter White. It’s probably the most famous speech in the entire five-season run of Breaking Bad, inspiring countless gifs and tumblr photos, podcast titles, T-shirt designs, literary parodies and a Samuel L. Jackson reenactment.

What did Walt mean by I am the one who knocks?

When she expresses her concern that, one day, somebody’s going to come knocking on the White family door with the intent to harm him or his family, he blows a gasket, insisting that, “I am the one who knocks.” In other words, if anyone’s going to be knocking on doors and harming innocent families, it’s going to be him.

Where can I watch metastasis?

There’s a Latin American version of the show called Metástasis, and while the meth adventures of Walter Blanco are airing nightly in the US on Univision networks, it’s also available on streaming via Hulu — but there’s a catch.

Who was the Best Actor in Breaking Bad?

Watch all you want. “Breaking Bad” won a total of 16 Emmy Awards, including four Best Actor Emmys for star Bryan Cranston. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, a high school teacher tries to secure his family’s financial future by producing and distributing crystal meth.

Who is the actor who plays Gus Fring in Breaking Bad?

Giancarlo Esposito portrays Gus Fring in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Initially, Giancarlo Esposito was offered a character that was described to him as “very admirable, very polite”, and he decided to play that character as if he had “some kind of a secret”.

How many Emmy Awards did Breaking Bad win?

“Breaking Bad” won a total of 16 Emmy Awards, including four Best Actor Emmys for star Bryan Cranston.