Is there an app that reverses audio?

Is there an app that reverses audio?

Say It Backwards app is a sound recorder app with one goal – record a sound and play it back in reverse. Thats it. Such simple tool gives you enormous possibilities.

Which is the best reverse app?

KineMaster. This is a powerful Android reverse video app that’s designed for professionals but easy for everyone to use. The application has amazing video editing tools that make editing of videos to be done with precision and great accuracy.

How do you record your voice backwards?

No matter your reason, you can record yourself talking and then play it backwards using backmasking websites and audio software. Plug a microphone into your computer’s microphone port. Click “Start” and type “Sound Recorder” into the search field, then press “Enter.” Windows’ native sound recording application opens.

Which app is used to reverse the video?

Reverse any video from your Android device Reverse Movie FX is a simple video editing app that lets you select any video (or clips from a video) from your device and reverse its image and audio. Using Reverse Movie FX is very easy.

What app can you reverse video?

FilmoraGo is a full-feature mobile editing app, which means it can also play the video clips backwards in your Android or iOS smartphone with ease. It also features the Speed Control ability which allows you to play your clips in slow motion or create a time-lapse video at 4x faster.

How do you reverse voice on Tiktok?

Tap Effects at the bottom of your screen (it’s the icon that looks like a clock). At the end of the list of effects, tap Time. Select Reverse and you’ll see a preview of your new video with reversed audio and video appear on your phone screen.

How can I reverse a video?

How to reverse a video

  1. Open a video file. Select a clip for reversing from your Mac or Windows computer, iOS or Android device, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Adjust the video. When your video is added, you can choose any of the available speeds.
  3. Save the reversed video.

Is it possible to talk backwards?

The trait of backward speech is described as an ability to spontaneously and accurately reverse words. Two strategies of word reversal were reported: reversal according to the phonetic structure of the words or reversal according to their spelling.

Is there an iPhone app for backwards talking?

The backwards talking app is available for the iPhone right now and will soon be released for all iPad owners. The brand new Reverse Speech App ‘Basic’ version is completely FREE and you can immediately upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version for only $4.99 if you wish.

Is there an app that lets you talk reverse?

Reverse talk lets you talk reverse and share it with your friends! Record yourself and replay your reverse words. With a little bit of training you can learn how to talk reverse. Then record your reverse talk, flip it around and check out how well you can talk reverse.

Is there an APKPure app for backward talk?

Using APKPure App to upgrade Backward Talk, fast, free and save your internet data. Share secret voice notes with your friends. No one can hear them. To decrypt the voice note upload it to the app and have fun with it.

What’s the best way to learn to talk reverse?

With a little bit of training you can learn how to talk reverse. Then record your reverse talk, flip it around and check out how well you can talk reverse. Try the Backwards Words Challenge yourself and with your friends. Loading… Enjoy!