Is Transformers Energon a sequel?

Is Transformers Energon a sequel?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Transformers: Energon, known in Japan as Transformer: Superlink (トランスフォーマー スーパーリンク, Toransufōmā Sūpārinku), is an anime series. It is a direct sequel to Transformers: Armada.

Do transformers drink energon?

Energon is the preferred fuel/energy source of Transformers. It has also been shown as food, intoxicating drink, ammunition, even currency. More, it has been described as the basic building block of all Transformers’ bodies and sparks.

Is energon harmful to humans?

Energon deposits are on Earth, but little are easily minable. It can be harmful to humans if made contact. Once energon is spilled from Cybertronians, it cannot be reused. Cybertronians rely on this matter to survive.

Is energon real?

True energon is, however, extremely rare: in most universal streams, the Transformers’ long war has left Cybertron drained of all but the smallest fraction of the substance, and although it has been known to exist on a small sampling of other planets throughout the multiverse (usually Earth), its paucity leaves the …

Are Transformers Armada and Energon connected?

It inspired two sequels, Transformers: Energon and Transformers: Cybertron. Hasbro handled the distribution of the English license, while Takara handled the distribution of the Japanese license. Transformers: Armada and both of its following series are all part of a saga known as the “Unicron Trilogy”.

What came before Transformers Energon?

It is a direct sequel to Armada and forms the second part of the “Unicron Trilogy”, to be followed by Cybertron. The show takes place ten years after the finale of Armada, opening in an age of peace on Cybertron and Earth which is destined not to last long.

Do transformers need gas to live?

Transformer fuel is a liquid substance used by Transformers to sustain their mechanical life. It is not a hydrocarbon, but with the right technical know-how, it can be converted from hydrocarbons. Transformers can drain some of their fuel by removing their hand and allowing the fuel to pour out their forearm.

What does Energon do to humans?

Fortunately energon radiation usually has no effect on humans or other organic life. Depending on the universe, energon radiation may also: Be the key to reviving a dark god. Cause electrical devices to spontaneously come to life.

Is Energon explosive?

Energon crystals are a powerful raw form of energon with the drawback that they are also extremely unstable. Energon crystals are highly explosive, more so even than energon cubes; they can be detonated by blunt impacts, fractures and even sudden temperature increases.

What is dark Energon in Transformers?

Dark Energon is a powerful, corrupted version of Energon which can be used as a violent weapon and explosive. As Energon is the emanation of Primus, from which all Transformer life and power is formed. Even the smallest particle of Dark Energon can corrupt any amount of regular energon.