Is tumbled travertine expensive?

Is tumbled travertine expensive?

Like other natural stone flooring options, travertine can be quite expensive. On average, expect to pay around $15 per square foot for travertine tile. You may also find travertine for as low as $5 per square foot, while other options may be as expensive as $30 per square foot.

Is travertine stone out of style?

“Travertine had an extended demand and increase from 2000 to 2015 – a 15-year run. That’s most unusual for a stone.” “It’s a little bit out of style right now. People aren’t using the beige colors much.” Jonathan Verrengia Managing Partner Marble and Granite Inc.

Can you polish tumbled travertine?

When travertine is tumbled, it is hard to achieve a high gloss like shine. Honed or Polished travertine tiles are treated tiles that have been ground down to one smooth finish, and all the tiles are the same thickness. Depending on the grade of travertine, honed and polished tiles may need to be filled.

Is travertine slippery when wet?

The outer surface of your pool is bound to get wet, but with travertine’s porous nature, the water is absorbed making it not slippery. It is also a good choice if you’re in a place with high amounts of rain, the travertine pool deck once again will prohibit any runoff or flooding.

What colors go with travertine?

Blue / Green or Peacock compliments travertine nicely. You can also go more blue/green or peacock, as shown below. A cool dark green works well too. Going dark to achieve a strong contrast between the light tone of the travertine and the accent color, takes the focus away from the beige of the travertine.

How do you change the color of travertine?

Applying a wood stain on travertine is one of the easiest ways to change up the color of the tiles. They can also be painted or whitewashed. They should be sealed if you want to protect the stone and the stain. To whitewash travertine tile, create a white paint and water ratio of 1:1 and paint it on each tile.

Does travertine look cheap?

However, real travertine has its limitations. It’s expensive, it needs special care, and there are places it shouldn’t be installed at all, such as showers and floors with heavy traffic. While these methods might deliver some of the characteristics of quality travertine tile, they often end up looking cheap and tacky.

Is travertine dated?

Yes. And it often looks different when installed than it did when purchased, in part because of lighting, and in part because there can be huge variability in the color of travertine as opposed to, say, Thassos marble. The most common complaint with travertine is that it looks pink when installed.

How do you change the color of travertine tile?