Is UV window film worth it?

Is UV window film worth it?

UV films help block ultraviolet rays and helps keep homes cool while still letting in much needed sunlight to your home. Majority of homeowners prefer this type of window tint due to its cost-efficient price and lightweightness. This product can filter out up to 99% UV blocking and can reduce glare.

Do I need UV protection on my windows?

According to the same study, yes, all types of glasses they tested blocked UVB rays. So, yes, windows do block UV rays, but only the UVB kind. Bare glass windows still allow up to three-quarters of UVA radiation. Meaning, your untreated windows still expose you to skin-damaging, even cancer-causing UVA rays.

How much does it cost to tint house windows NZ?

Costs for tinted glass From $40 per square metre.

Can you buy windows with UV protection?

This is the most energy-efficient glass option we offer for window replacement, and it’s best suited to homes that receive a lot of sunlight throughout the year. This glass blocks up to 95% of harsh UV rays that can potentially damage furniture, carpets and flooring.

Do UV films work?

It has been proven that the higher quality films block up to 79% of the solar heat, reduce glare up to 83%, block 99% of UV rays and reduce heat loss in winter by up to 30% (low E films).

Does window film actually work?

Modern solar films can block as much as 55 percent of the outdoor heat. An insulating window film applied over a window can help the window retain up to 55 percent more heat in winter, potentially reducing your heating costs up to 30 percent. These films are less effective at reducing summer heat gain, though.

Does window glass block UV rays?

Two main types of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause DNA damage in your skin, even from brief exposures. While glass blocks UVB rays pretty well, it doesn’t block UVA rays. Windshields are treated to shield drivers from some UVA, but side, back and sunroof windows usually aren’t.

How much do tinted house windows cost?

If you live in New South Wales, now is a good time to get the windows in your home tinted. Window tinting experts in the state charge approximately $50/m2, which is the lowest rate in the country. Meanwhile, prices are only slightly higher in Queensland, where window tinting services cost around $52.50/m2.

How much does it cost to double glaze a 3 bed house NZ?

The cost of retrofitting double glazing to a typical three-bedroom home starts from about $7000 to $10,000, says Pocock. There are many different types of systems and some posters on the website talk of spending $30,000 on totally replacing existing windows in a house.

How can I determine if my house windows are UV glass?

But you can tell if your windows have a LowE coating, which is what you need to help block the UV energy. When it is dark, hold a lit match or a lighter close to the glass in your window. Look at the reflection of the flame in the window and you should see either two or three flames in the reflection.

Is window film any good?

Window film can cut utility costs by 30% to 40%, says California-based consultant Donna Wells, and at $6 to $14 per square foot, it’s much cheaper than replacing windows. Solar films block 99% of UV light that fades furniture, and with better technologies, now do it without looking reflective or dark.

Which is the largest window treatment company in New Zealand?

Stylish blinds, shutters, awnings, louvre roofs & insect screens. Window Treatments NZ is the largest independent blind, shutter, awning and insect screen manufacturing company in New Zealand with trained consultants located nationwide from Whangarei to Bluff.

How does the sun affect Windows in New Zealand?

As well as UV light, summers in New Zealand can see a massive amount of heat and glare from the sun pouring through windows in homes and offices, making interiors uncomfortable for your family, your customers, and your staff. What causes fading?

Which is the best window tinting company in New Zealand?

GlassProtech is one of the leading window film specialists in New Zealand, with 20 years of experience in window tinting and the installation of safety and security window film, anti-graffiti film, polycarbonate film and decorative window film.

How does UV guard work in New Zealand?

UV-Guard New Zealand harness the powers of UV light, and develop innovative technologies to treat water and air sustainably. We supply complete treatment systems, spare parts for all UV brands and qualified UV system maintenance.